Virtual Reality TikTok Proposal Video Viewed over 6 Million Times

A man who proposed to his girlfriend while playing a virtual game has shared the romantic gesture in a video that has been viewed more than six million times.

Jordan Flom, a personal trainer from Florida, uploaded the moment he surprised his partner, Rachel, to TikTok on Thursday.

"Virtual Reality PROPOSAL!!" Flom captioned the clip, which has since been widely shared across various social media platforms.

At the start of the video, Flom proudly holds the engagement ring up to the camera as his unsuspecting girlfriend remains deep in concentration while playing a virtual video game.

This is the funniest cutest thing I’ve seen today 😂

— mar (@intxrnetangel) February 14, 2021

Wearing a pair of virtual reality goggles, the young woman can be seen in the background entirely oblivious to the unfolding situation as others in the home frantically rush to set up the scene for the proposal.

Two women, presumably the mothers of the soon-to-be bride and groom, place rose petals on the floor and arrange photos of the couple on the living room floor.

Flom then seizes the opportunity to kneel in front of his girlfriend who is positioned mid-game with two makeshift guns in hand.

After waiting for the virtual game to come to an end, Rachel takes off the virtual headwear to find her expectant fiancé on his knee with the ring outstretched.

The proposal was a huge success, with the couple having now been married for three years and a baby on the way.

Flom reposted the video ahead of Valentine's Day—the same day he proposed back in 2016.

Reactions to the clip were split between those who thought the gesture was romantic and others who were less than unimpressed.

"This is the funniest cutest thing I've seen today," one woman said alongside the video.

"Was this on valentines day because that is just lazy, uncreative and basic," replied another.

Others were quick to point out the dad's placid reaction to the events unfolding.

"Dad must be paying for the wedding cause he did not move a MUSCLE," one woman added as another replied, "The dad chilling on the couch like he know he about to pay for the wedding."

Surprise proposal videos have become a popular online trend, with some videos garnering millions of views.

Virtual engagements and weddings have also become a popular choice as many couples remain in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In November last year, The Office star John Krasinski planned a virtual wedding for two fans of the hit NBC sitcom after finding out that they recreated Jim and Pam's gas station proposal from the show.

In the episode of his YouTube show, Some Good News, Krasinski—who played Jim—invited John Lush and Susan Hedrik on to talk about their The Office-inspired proposal. But the actor and director surprised the couple with a virtual wedding attended by their parents and friends, Pam actress Jenna Fischer as maid of honor, and the rest of The Office cast as the wedding party.

After Krasinski's friend, Zac Brown, played the couple an original song, Krasinski, who got ordained for the occasion, married the couple via webcam. Then, instead of a speech, Krasinski cut off his tie with a pair of scissors—as Jim did before his wedding—and offered to send it to the newlyweds.

Newsweek has contacted Jordan and Rachel Flom for comment.

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