Where to Visit The Real-Life New York Landmarks Featured in 'Home Alone 2'

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York—starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McAllister, a precocious kid who gets separated from his family while traveling—is one of many classic Christmas movies you'll no doubt watch over the holidays.

The 1992 Home Alone sequel sees Kevin end up on a flight to New York City instead of Florida, where the McAllister family are spending their Christmas. He then embarks on a solo adventure around the Big Apple.

His detour takes an unexpected turn following a fateful reunion with Harry (played by Joe Pesci) and Marv (played by Daniel Stern), who attempted to rob the McAllister house in the first Home Alone film. The burglar duo this time look to rob the city's biggest toy shop on Christmas Eve—Duncan's Toy Chest—but things don't quite go as planned.

While the cast is full of big names, the real star of the movie is none other than New York City, which has been featured in countless other films (especially festive-themed ones).

The Big Apple steals the show in Home Alone 2, which highlights the city's greatest attractions, mostly across the borough of Manhattan.

Here, we look at the real-life New York City landmarks in Home Alone 2 you can visit to fall in love with the city all over again this Christmas.

1. Central Park

Central Park Home Alone 2
Brenda Fricker as the Pigeon Lady and Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York." Central Park plays a key part in the second movie in the franchise. 20th Century Fox

Synonymous with New York City, Central Park is one of the most-filmed locations in the world. The iconic urban oasis is where Kevin encounters a homeless woman tending to pigeons while he goes on a tour of the city. He later befriends the mysterious woman dubbed the "Pigeon Lady."

Kevin is also seen jumping into a horse carriage in front of the Bethesda Fountain, one of the park's most beloved attractions (though in reality, horse carriages do not cross the fountain).

Located at the heart of the Bethesda Terrace, the fountain is topped by the Angel of the Waters sculpture, which is the only artwork in the park's collection that was commissioned by the designers and administrators of Central Park.

It is also in the park where the "Sticky Bandits" get caught by the police, thanks to Kevin and the Pigeon Lady.

2. The Plaza

The Plaza Hotel Home Alone 2
Kevin (Culkin) ordering room service at New York's world-renowned Plaza Hotel. As well as racking up a hefty bill, Kevin binges old black and white gangster films during his stay — "We all do!" 20th Century Fox

Using his father's credit card, Kevin manages to bag a luxurious suite at the Plaza Hotel. The historic celebrity haunt from the Fairmont hotels brand has been graced by the likes of John Lennon, Truman Capote, former president John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie, Elizabeth Taylor and other Hollywood legends over its 100 years plus history.

Those who can only dream about a stay at the luxury hotel (the "flexible daily rate" for a stay in a guest room at the time of reporting is priced from $806 a night) may instead want to check out the Plaza's dining venues, such as The Palm Court, for a slightly more affordable way to visit the hotel.

Since its opening in 1907, The Palm Court has formed the setting of many novels and films, most notably author F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

Visitors can book an afternoon tea at The Palm Court, which offers an extensive "25-variety collection of Palais des Thés tea" as well as sandwiches, snacks and fine pastries.

Its Fall Afternoon Tea offerings are priced from $99 per person and available through November 25.

The Palm Court will also be offering Holiday Tea options from November 25 to January 9. See the website for details, which are "coming soon," the hotel says.

3. FAO Schwarz

Duncan's Toy Chest Home Alone 2
Kevin (Culkin) and the newly-dubbed "Sticky Bandits" outside Duncan's Toy Chest in "Home Alone 2." It's not long before Kevin's past catches up with him. 20th Century Fox

The film sees Kevin visit a toy store known as Duncan's Toy Chest, which was inspired by FAO Schwarz, the country's oldest toy retailer.

There, Kevin buys a map of New York City, green slime goo, as well a Swiss Army knife. A chase begins after Kevin is spotted there by Harry and Marv who are also there scoping out the venue ahead of their heist.

The toy store's original Fifth Avenue location (set just across from Central Park and the Plaza Hotel) was closed back in 2015. But a new flagship FAO Schwarz was opened at Rockefeller Center across three levels, just next to its famed Christmas tree.

In reality, the Duncan's Toy Chest scenes were shot at 209 South LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois.

3. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center Home Alone 2
Kevin McCallister is reunited with him mom (Catherine O'Hara) by the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in "Home Alone 2." 20th Century Fox

The home of the aforementioned Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is where Kevin finds himself after successfully thwarting the plans of Harry and Marv. Speaking to the tree, Kevin says: "I know I don't deserve a Christmas, even though I did a good deed. I don't want any presents. Instead I want to take back every mean thing I ever said to my family...could I just see my mother? I just want my mother," just before his mom miraculously emerges.

When Kevin asks how she knew he'd be there, his mother says: "Well, I know you and Christmas trees, and this is the biggest one around."

4. Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Hall Home Alone 2
Kevin (Culkin) taking Polaroids outside Radio City Music Hall. Blink and you'll miss it, but this scene is part of a montage in "Home Alone 2." 20th Century Fox

Kevin visits Radio City Music Hall while exploring the city. The New York landmark is home to the Rockettes dance group and has hosted several award shows, from the Grammys and the Tonys, to the MTV Music Video Awards.

5. Carnegie Hall

Located at the corner of 57th Street and Seventh Avenue, Kevin is brought to a secret rooftop spot at Carnegie Hall, the international concert hall where some of the world's most celebrated classical artists—from cellist Yo-Yo Ma (who had his debut recital at Carnegie Hall) to the late Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti—have performed.

Surrounded by random discarded instruments and old chandeliers, while tuning into a rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful," this is where the Pigeon Lady reminds Kevin that good deeds can replace bad ones. This motivates Kevin to foil Harry and Marv's heist to make up for his previous misdeeds.

Just opposite the hall is the 57th Street subway station, where Harry and Marv are seen exiting after riding the N/Q subway line earlier on in the movie. They are heard discussing their plan to get fake passports to escape to South America, as well as the changing of the duo's name from the "Wet Bandits" to the "Sticky Bandits."

6. The Queensboro Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge Home Alone 2
Kevin (Culkin) crosses the The Queensboro Bridge in a yellow taxi cab after arriving at the wrong airport in "Home Alone 2." 20th Century Fox

After landing at the airport in the New York City borough of Queens, Kevin hops in a cab that drives him across the Queensboro Bridge, which connects the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City to Manhattan and offers views of the Manhattan skyline.

While Kevin may have only passed through it, well-heeled travelers seeking something a bit more off-the-beaten track will want to explore Queens for a relief from tourist-heavy Manhattan. The borough is home to a host of attractions worth a visit, such as Long Island City's MoMA PS1.

Affiliated with Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), MoMA PS1 is the first nonprofit arts center in the U.S. devoted entirely to contemporary art, showcasing "today's most experimental, thought-provoking art."

Other Queens art venues not to be missed include the fascinating Museum of the Moving Image (which explores the art, history and technology of film, television and digital media) and the Noguchi Museum (displaying the works of American artist Isamu Noguchi).

For a taste of authentic Korean and other Asian cuisines, a trip to the Queens neighborhood of Flushing (the final destination on the 7 subway line running from Manhattan's Times Square) is a must.

7. The World Trade Center

World Trade Center Home Alone 2
Kevin (Culkin) visits the Twin Towers in "Home Alone 2." Following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, this scene from the film has occasionally been edited out. 20th Century Fox

The old World Trade Center complex is among the Big Apple locations visited by Kevin on his day out in the city. He heads to its observation deck on the South Tower.

One World Trade Center is the main building of today's World Trade Center complex, which was rebuilt following the 9/11 attacks. The complex is home to the 9/11 Tribute Museum, as well as hundreds of bars, restaurants and shopping venues.

8. Times Square

Screaming with bright, flashing lights, giant billboards and swarms of tourists, one of the world's most recognizable squares needs no introduction.

Kevin's mom takes a taxi to Times Square, where she asks strangers whether they'd seen her son. She approaches a police officer with the same query who suggests: "Put yourself in your kids' shoes. Where would you go?" The officer's comment then inspires her to look for Kevin at the Rockefeller Center.

To enjoy aerial views of Times Square away from the crowds on the ground, bag a spot at the St. Cloud rooftop bar at the stylish Knickerbocker hotel in Times Square.

Or head to The View, New York's only revolving rooftop restaurant located at the New York Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square, to take in 360 vistas of the city while wining and dining.

9. The Empire Dinner

Empire Diner Home Alone 2
Kevin (Culkin) walks past the Empire Diner in "Home Alone 2." This Art Moderne eatery is a must for any New York trip. 20th Century Fox

Kevin takes a flier from a giant Santa Claus on stilts outside the Empire Diner, a New York City fixture with "a storied past" set in the heart of Manhattan's West Chelsea neighborhood.

Serving classic American fare and embodying a "traditional New York decor with a contemporary feel," the restaurant staple has been around since 1976.