'The Voice' Season 15, Episode 9 Battles Recap & Results: Who Left, Who Got Stolen and Who's Going To The Knockouts?

The third round of " The Voice" Battles airs Monday evening. Check out our recap and results, including who left, who stayed and who was stolen.

The Voice Season 15 'The Battles' round 3 kicks off Monday night at 8 p.m. EDT. During the first two Battles episodes, five contestants went home while three more were stolen and added to the coaches' teams. Tonight, more contestants will face off in hopes of making it to The Knockouts.

How The Battles Work

During The Battles rounds, coaches choose two singers from their team to perform a duet together that also serves as a battle to determine which singer their coach feels performed the best. Whichever contestant the judge picks will move on to the Knockout round of the competition, while the losing contestant has a chance to be stolen by one of the other coaches. If the contestant is not stolen, he or she will be sent home.

Once tonight's show kicks off, we'll be doing a live recap of the results. In the meantime, if you missed the previous battle rounds, you can check out who has made it to the Knockouts, who got sent home, and who is still waiting to perform in The Battles below. You can also check out all out show recaps along with video clips of each show's winning performances, here.

The Voice Season 15 "The Battles 3" Recap and Results: Who Made it to the Next Round?

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Dave Fenley - Team Blake NBC

#1 Keith Paulson vs Dave Fenley

This Team Blake pairing performed "I'm a One Woman Man" by George Jones. Bot singers put on a stellar show but in the end, Dave Fenley was selected to remain on Team Blake. Thankfully for Keith, Team Adam snagged him up in a steal so both fellows will be headed for The Knockouts.

#2 - Emily Hough vs. Reagan Strange

The second pairing of the evening pits these Team Adam vocalists against one another as they sing "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran.

"That wasn't a battle. That was like a sweet fairytale" said Blake.

"You guys sounded like angels. You should be so proud of yourselves," said Jennifer.

The girls both had their strengths but at the end, Reagan was chosen to stay on Team Adam. She will move forward to The Knockouts. Unfortunately, none of the coaches used a steal on Emily so she is headed home.

#3 - Franc West vs. Matt Johnson

Up next are Team Jennifer gentlemen, Franc West, and Matt Johnson. Both singers bring soulful vocal and Jennifer has chosen "Too Close" by Alex Claire for the pair to perform. Both guys out their all into the performance and it seems the pair is pretty evenly matched. Both Adam and Kelly seemed to favor Matt, though Blake couldn't stop raving about Franc. When decision time came, Franc West was chosen to stay on Team Jennifer.

#4 - Delaney Silvernell vs. Abby Cates

This battles pitted Team Kelly vocalists Delaney Silvernell and Abbey Cates. For this battle, Kelly chose "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding. Both singers did a tremendous job during the performance. Both Adam and Blake felt like Delaney had the more mature voice but in the end, Abby Cates was chosen to move forward with Team Kelly to the Knockouts. Adam took that opportunity to steam Delaney for Team Adam.

The next three battles were briefly featured.

  • #5: Foushee (Eliminated) vs. Radha (Winner) - Team Adam
  • #6: Mikele Buck (Eliminated) vs. Chevel Shepherd (Winner) - Team Kelly
  • #7: Audri Bartholomew (Eliminated) vs. Makenzie Thomas (Winner) - Team Jennifer

#8 - Jake Wells vs. Natalie Brady

These Team Adam comrades were teamed up to perform "Closing Time" by Semisonic and their voices were beautifully attuned to each other. Both brought a raspy rock tone that made this song a pleasure to listen to. This will be a difficult battle to judge.

"There was such good singing and tight harmony, good job," said Blake.

After some deliberation, Jake was chosen to move on with Team Adam. Natalie was eliminated and will be heading home.

#9 - Tyshawn Colquitt vs Zaxai

The final pairing of the evening features Team Jennifer singers Tyshawn Colquitt and Zaxai. Jennifer chose "Love Lies" by Khalid and Normani. This battle was teased earlier in the episode and so we know it will end in a steal.

After most of the judges leaning towards Zaxai, Team Jennifer chose Tyshawn to move forward.

"He has great vocal potential," said Jennifer.

As soon as Zaxai became available, Team Kelly snatched him up, allowing both singers to move forward to The Knockouts.

The Voice 2018 The Battles 1-2 Results: Who is Still on a Team?

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Who made it to The Knockouts? Who was elimintated? Check out the coaches' teams so far. NBC

Team Kelly

  • (Battles Winner) Cody Ray Raymond — Promoted to Knockouts
  • (Battles Winner) Kymberli Joye – Promoted to Knockouts
  • (Stolen from Team Jennifer) Natasia Greycloud – Lost in Battles against Mike Parker but stolen by Kelly. Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Eliminated) One Up — Duo from New York. Lost Battles round against Kymberli Joye

Waiting to Battle

  • Sarah Grace - 15-year-old blues singer from Houston.
  • Mikele Buck – 39-year-old Iraq War veteran from Virginia.
  • Clare DeJean – 17-year-old singer from Dallas.
  • Chevel Shepherd - 16-year-old from New Mexico.
  • Delaney Silvernell – 21-year old from Los Angeles.
  • Erika Zade — 20-year-old Miami native.
  • Abby Cates — 17-year-old Cincinnati native.
  • Josh Davis - 20-year-old personal trainer.

Team Adam

  • (Battles Winner) Tyke James – 17-year-old singer from Laie, Hawaii. Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Battles Winner) Steve Memmolo — 35-year-old Boston resident. Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Eliminated) Jarred Matthew - 31-year-old Astrophysicists from San Diego. Lost in the Battle rounds to Tyke James.

Waiting to Battle

  • Radha – 19-year-old singer from New Jersey.
  • DeAndre Nico – 22-year-old singer from Port Arthur, Texas.
  • Reagan Strange - 13-year-old soul/pop singer from Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Foushee - New York City resident.
  • Natalie Brady - Rock singer and single mother. Performed "Barracuda" by Heart.
  • Jake Wells - 23-year-old Missouri native.
  • Funsho — Nigerian singer who came to America as a child.
  • Emily Hough

Team Blake

  • (Battles Winner) Michael Lee – 30-year-old blues singer from Fort Worth, Texas. Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Battles Winner) Katrina Cain - Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Battles Winner) Chris Croeze — 27-year-old country/rock singer from Wisconsin. Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Stolen From Team Jennifer) Colton Smith — 21-year-old Alabama singer. Lost the Battles round against Patrique Fortson.
  • (Eliminated) Mercedes Ferreira-Dias – 17-year-old singer from Florida. Lost during Battle against Chris Croeze.
  • (Eliminated) Rachel Messer — 19-year-old from a "little holler" in West Virginia. Lost in The Battles round against Katrina Cain.
  • (Eliminated) Joey Green — 35-year-old rock singer. Lost The Battles round against Michael Lee.

Waiting to Battle

  • Kameron Marlowe – 21-year-old country singer from North Carolina. Marlowe sang "One Number Away" by Luke Combs.
  • Keith Paluso – 30-year-old blues and country singer from Memphis.
  • Dave Fenley — 39-year-old Nashville resident.
  • Kayley Hill — 29-year-old Nashville singer. Performs "Gold Dust Woman" by Fleetwood Mac.
  • Kirk Jay — Alabama singer who is "country till the day he dies" loves the genre because, to him, the first time he heard country music, it just "felt good." Jay performs "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts and manages to turn every chair.
  • Caeland Garner — 31-year-old country singer from North Carolina and an acquaintance of Red Marlow from Season 13. He performs "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest.

Team Jennifer

  • (Battles Winner) Patrique Fortson – 38-year-old singer from Atlanta. Promoted to The Knockouts.
  • (Battles Winner) Mike Parker — 23-year-old Virginia native.
  • (Stolen from Team Adam) Anthony Arya – 16-year-old from Santa Cruz. Lost Battle Round to Steve but was stolen by JHud. Moving to The Knockouts.
  • (Stolen from Team Kelly) SandyRedd — 35-year-old Chicago native. Lost against Cody Ray but stolen by JHud. Promoted to The Knockouts.

Waiting to Battle

  • Tyshawn Colquitt - 23-year old soulful R&B singer from Cincinnati.
  • Kennedy Holmes – 13-year-old singer, with some pegging her as a possible winner of Season 15.
  • Franc West – 38-year-old singer from Atlanta.
  • Audri Bartholomew — 20-year-old Missouri singer.
  • Makenzie Thomas — 20-year-old Kentucky singer.
  • Zaxai — 29-year-old Haitian-American from Brooklyn, New York.
  • Lela — 15-year-old Colombian singer from Miami, Florida.
  • Matt Johnson

Kelsea Ballerini Comeback Team

  • (Battles Winner) Ayanna Joni – 29-year-old from Yonkers, N.Y. Ele Ivory – 20-year-old singer from Nashville, Tenn.
  • Lynnea Moorer - 18-year-old from Monterey, Calif.
  • Wyatt Rivers - 22-year-old is at Duke University medical student.
  • Sam Roberts — This 21-year-old singer from Portsmouth, NH.
  • (Eliminated) Madison Cain - 24-year-old from California. She performed "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette.

When Does The Voice Air Next? Start Time and Channel

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