'The Voice' 2018 Semi-final Performances & Elimination Predictions: Who Will Be Saved Tomorrow Night?

The Top 8 semi-finalists performed Monday night during The Voice Season 14, episode 25. Find out everything you need to know about last night's performances and who may be eliminated Tuesday evening.

The Voice Season 14 semi-finals have arrived as last Tuesday the Top 8 were announced and moved on to the next round of the competition which aired Monday night. The show was a two-hour event featuring each of the Top 8 performing two songs: a solo performance and a special mashup duet with another semi-finalist.

After each performance, fans were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite singers via the official The Voice app. Once the votes have been tallied, the results will be presented throughout Tuesday night's elimination show. The three singers with the most votes will be instantly saved. The bottom two will be eliminated and the middle three will perform once again in hopes of being saved by the audience. After Tuesday night's performances, viewers can vote for their favorite singer via Twitter. Results will be tallied and the singer with the most votes will be awarded an Instant Save and added to the Final 4. These finalists will then move on to next week's finale.

Below, we've put together a complete guide to Monday night's show, including live updates posted during and after the show: what songs were performed, where to download them and predictions about who is in danger of elimination tomorrow night. Once results are announced Tuesday evening, we'll update this post with the names of the four performers moving on to next week's finale, so be sure to check back in then. In the meantime, if you need to get caught up on what happened during last week's elimination show, you can check outour recap and results post, here.

'The Voice' 2018 Semi-Finalist Performances & Elimination Predictions: What Songs Were Performed? Who Is In Trouble?

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Who's going home tonight? The Voice Season 14 semi-finalist performed Monay, May 14 for a spot in the Final 4. Getty Images

UPDATE 05/15/18: Top 4 results are in and have been posted at the bottom of the article.

Solo Performances

  • Spensha Baker (Team Blake)– Sang"My Church" by Maren Morris. You can download and listen to Baker's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: From the first note, Spensha owned this song through and through. The audience was eating it up and Spensha appeared to be having more fun than we've ever seen her have on stage. Coach Blake said, "It's like everything you've been holding back... the dam just broke on that stage this evening... I'll be shocked if you aren't in the finale after that." We totally agree. Spensha's performances are drenched in heartfelt emotion, and we truly want to see her in the finale next week.
  • Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly) - Sang "What the World Needs Now is Love" by Jackie DeShannon. You can download and listen to Cartelli's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Kelly called Brynn's performance, "epic, beautiful and tasteful," but we think Brynn's had better weeks. Despite her adorable duet with Britton, she could be in trouble this week and will likely be performing for an Instant Save Tuesday night. Brynn has amassed tons of support from the online community, however, and her past performances have been quite strong, so perhaps she'll pull through unscathed.
  • Kyla Jade (Team Blake) - Sang "Let it Be" by The Beatles. You can download and listen to Jade's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Kyla's performance was perfection. Her timing was as spot-on as her vocals. "I have never been more honored to be associated with a vocalist as I am to be associated with you... you may have just won The Voice," said Coach Blake. We fully expect to see Kyla earn a spot in the Final 4 Tuesday night. We have her or Britton Buchanan pegged for the Season 14 win.
  • Jackie Foster (Team Alicia) – Sang "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. You can download and listen to Foster's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: This performance was rough and it was hard not to compare her to Amanda Brown. Taken with her unconvincing performance of "Gravity" last week, we think Jackie is in danger of elimination this week.
  • Rayshun LaMarr (Team Adam) – Sang"Imagine" by John Lennon. You can download and listen to LaMarr's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Rayshun's arrangement had some jazz and soul added, making it different from the original and wholly Rayshun's. We loved his version. Every note was executed with precision and passion. Coach Adam called the performance "Inspired" and a version John Lennon would have been proud of. This one is a tough call. Many of Monday night's performances were on fire and in this song Rayshun held back a bit more than he usually does. Bringing a slightly less energetic performance than usual could mean Rayshun is in trouble this week. We expect to see him competing for an Instant Save Tuesday night.
  • Kaleb Lee (Team Kelly) – Sang "It Is Well With My Soul." You can download and listen to Lee's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: The song was performed well and felt like the most "authentic" thing we've seen from Caleb so far. Coach Kelly said Kaleb has grown a lot in the competition and called the performance "beautiful." Despite his coach's praise, however, the performance felt a little slow and boring compared to some of the other songs we'd heard in the evening, which could make it forgettable when it comes time to vote. We saw Team Adam's Jackie Verna leave the competition last week after picking a similarly understated song. Kaleb has had a solid run in on the show, but we think he could be in trouble this week.
  • Pryor Baird (Team Blake) – Sang "Change the World," by Eric Clapton. You can download and listen to Baird's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Pryor sounds the same every week and his consistency is noteworthy. We don't love him, but most of the country must, because he continues to garner monumental support on iTunes and Twitter. We predict he will be in the Final 4 tomorrow night.
  • Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia) - Sang "The Rising" by Bruce Springsteen. You can download and listen to Buchanan's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Britton is one of America's favorites and tonight was another example of why. His performance was on fire. Alicia said, "There's a deep emotion you convey that's far beyond your years... what you have accomplished and will accomplish is amazing." We have him or Kyla Jade pegged as the winner this year.


  • Kaleb Lee & Pryor Baird – They sang a "Hillbilly Bone" and "Hillbilly Deluxe" mashup.
  • Kyla Jade & Spensha Baker – The ladies performed a killer "What's Going On" & "Rise Up" mashup. Goosebumps. That is all.
  • Britton Buchanan & Brynn Cartelli - They performed a "Four Five Seconds" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" mashup. Can these two please go on tour together? Thier voices complement each other so nicely, though we think Britton may have outsung Brynn on this one.
  • Jackie Verna & Rayshun LaMarr - The pair sang a "Believer" and "Radioactive" mashup, and it was phenomenal. The pair looked to be having tons of fun and boy did they belt those notes. The song gave Rayshun and Jackie the chance to break out in a way they couldn't during their earlier performances this evening.

Top 4 Results: Who's Heading To The Finale?

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The Top 4 Finalist results are in! Getty Images

The Top 4 Finalists from Tuesday Night are as follows:

  • Kyla Jade – Team Blake
  • Spensha Baker – Team Blake
  • Brynn Cartelli – Team Kelly
  • Britton Buchanan - Team Alicia (Instant Save)

Jackie Foster, Rayshun Lamarr, Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee were eliminated and will head home. You can check out all the details of Tuesday night's elimination show and performances, here.

What do you think of the Top 8 performances tonight? Who's in trouble? Who will be saved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.