'The Voice' 2018 Top 11 Performances & Elimination Results: Who Will Be Saved Tomorrow Night?

The Top 11 are set to perform Monday night during the The Voice Season 14, episode 21. Find out everything you need to know about tonight's performances and who may be eliminated tomorrow evening.

The Voice Season 14 has moved into the final stretch, as last Tuesday the Top 11 were announced. They move on to the next round of the competition, airing Monday night at 8 p.m. EDT. The show will be a two-hour event featuring performances by all of the top 11 contestants. The songs contestants will perform tonight were chosen by fans.

After each performance, fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorites via the official The Voice app. Once the votes have been tallied, the results will be presented throughout Tuesday night's elimination show. The two singers with the lowest number of votes will perform once again in hopes of being saved by the audience. After the bottom two have performed, viewers can vote for their favorite via Twitter. Results will be tallied and the singer with the most votes will be awarded an Instant Save and move on to next week's Final 10 challenge round.

Below, we've put together a complete guide to Monday night's show, including live updates during and after the show: what songs were performed, where to download them and predictions about who is in danger of elimination tomorrow night. Once results are in Tuesday evening, we'll update this post with the results and names of the Top 10 performers moving forward, so be sure to check back in then. In the meantime, if you need to get caught up on what happened during last week's elimination show, you can check out our recap and results post, here.

'The Voice' 2018 Top 11 Performances & Elimination Predictions: What Songs Were Performed? Who's In Trouble?

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What Songs were performed this evening? Who's in danger of going home? NBC

UPDATE: Results are in and can be found at the bottom of this post.

Team Kelly

  • Kaleb Lee – Sang "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" by Travis Tritt. You can download and listen to Lee's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Kaleb will be safe. Kelly said "You did a killer job. Nailed it."
  • Brynn Cartelli - Sang "You and I" by by Lady Gaga. You can download and listen to Cartelli's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Brynn will be safe. This song was on fire. "You are so captivating ... you're so cool," said Coach Kelly.

Team Adam

  • Sharane Calister - Sang "Hero" by Mariah Carey. You can download and listen to Calister's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Sharane's performance was a little bit weak, so she could be in some trouble. Nonetheless, Coach Adam said, "Full disclosure? I was afraid. I'm so proud of you of tackling a complete beast of a song."
  • Jackie Verna - Sang "Strawberry Wine" by Deana Carter. You can download and listen to Verna's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Jackie will be safe. This song was completely in her wheelhouse. The coaches loved it. Blake was overjoyed that the fans chose it for her. "Your more dynamic and better every show ... today was flawless," said Coach Adam.
  • Rayshun LaMarr – Sang "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding. You can download and listen to LaMarr's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Rayshun will be safe. His range is incredibly and he puts his all into his performances and showmanship. All coaches were on their feet throughout the performance. "You are unstoppable," said Coach Adam.

Team Blake

  • Pryor Baird – Sang "Night Moves" by Bob Seeger. You can download and listen to Baird's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Pryor will be safe. Blake said he was "building momentum" every week.
  • Kyla Jade - Sang "Sweet Sweet Baby (Since You Been Gone)" by Aretha Franklin. You can download and listen to Jade's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Kyla will be safe. The powerhouse singer brought it with the Aretha Franklin hit. She is a showwoman through and through. "You are now dominating this show," said Coach Blake. All the judges seemed to suggest Kyla is in the running to win the competition.
  • Spensha Baker – Sang "Better Man" by Little Big Town. You can download and listen to Baker's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Baker's performance was beautiful. At moments the chorus sounded a bit rushed, but her beautiful voice and range are reminicient of Beyonce. Spensha has been a fan favorite and we think she'll be safe again this week. Coach Blake said, "You are so important to music, to Country music. Your voice is so powerful... you are doing what you were meant to do."

Team Alicia

  • Jackie Foster – Sang "Love Reign O'er Me" by The Who. You can download and listen to Foster's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: She is waaay safe. The performance was killer. "I'm so ridiculously proud of how effortlessly you create this energy," Coach Alicia said.
  • Christiana Danielle – Sang "Umbrella" by Rihanna. You can download and listen to Danielle's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Christiana came out a little shaky initially but she pulled off a strong and emotional ending. This is a tough call, and we hope Christiana will be safe, but she may be in some trouble this week. "You are unbeleiveable lovable," said Coach Alicia as she encouraged everyone to download the song now.
  • Britton Buchanan - Sang "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran. You can download and listen to Buchanan's performance here, on iTunes.
    • Prediction: Britton sang a very different version of this song. At times the notes seemed a bit off key. The rendition felt a little too far from the original. The were some good moments and Britton is truly talented. Hopefully fans remember and keep him safe. Coach Alicia was a big fan of the performance saying, "You are not a joke…there are no bells, no whistles. Just you and your voice and your music and your power."

'The Voice' 2018 Top 11 Eliminations: Who Made It To The Top 10 and Who Went Home?

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The top 11 elimination show featured musical numbers by every team. Getty Images

The Top 10 Finalist from Tuesday Night are as follows:

  • Britton Buchanan – Team Alicia
  • Brynn Cartelli – Team Kelly
  • Pryor Baird – Team Blake
  • Spensha Baker – Team Blake
  • Kaleb Lee – Team Kelly
  • Jackie Verna – Team Adam
  • Kyla Jade – Team Blake
  • Jackie Foster – Team Alicia
  • Rayshun Lamarr – Team Adam
  • Christiana Danielle – Team Alicia (Instant Save by Twitter)