'The Voice' 2019 Live Cross Battles 2 Performances and Predictions: Who Will Be Saved Tomorrow Night?

The Voice 2019 Live Cross Battles 2 kick off Monday, April 22. Check out our live-blogged recap of every performance, plus predictions for who will stay and who will be eliminated, here.

On Monday The Voice 2019 returns with its second round of Live Cross Battles. During the show, singers from different teams will battle against one another, after which the audience will decide who stays and who goes home. Last week saw 16 contestants perform, with 13 moving forward and three returning home. Tonight, the final 16 contestants will perform for a chance at the remaining 11 spots in the Top 24.

How The Live Cross Battles Work

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The Live Cross Battles pit singers from different teams against one another for a spot in the top 24. NBC

Each week of the Live Cross Battles features 16 artists. Two coaches will be called forward, and each will choose one artist from their team to perform. The two artists chosen will enter a "battle" against one another. The battles won't be in duet form though. Instead, each singer will have prepared a song of their choice and perform them one after the other. At the end of the performances, the audience will have a chance to vote for the singer they think won the battle. The results of each battle will be announced on the following Tuesday night show.

Can Coaches Steal or Save Performers?

During the Live Cross Battles, coaches are granted one steal and one save each. After a singer goes up for elimination, coaches have 10 seconds to decide if they want to steal or save a contestant. If more than one coach hits their steal button, the contestant decides which

team he or she wants to join. Last week the coaches used five of their eight collective steals and saves. Going into tonight's show, Kelly and John each have their save intact and Blake has his steal remaining.

How To Vote During Live Cross Battles

Viewers can vote for their favorite artists as soon as they finish competing on Monday night. Votes can be submitted either through the official The Voice app or online.

Once the show kicks off we'll be providing a live-blogged recap of every Live Cross Battle performance, along with our predictions for who we think won the battle and who may be in trouble. In the meantime, if you missed any of the previous shows, you can check out all our previous live-blogged coverage, here. We've also provided a complete list of all the performers remaining on each coach's team.

The Voice 2019 Live Cross Battles 2 Recap: All Performances, Plus Predictions for Who Won and Who's Headed Home

the voice live cross battles live blog lb crew Jej Vinson battle results
Who will move forward to the Top 24? NBC

Battle #1: LB Crew (Team Adam) vs. Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)

The first battle pits two of the strongest voices in the competition against one another -- LB Crew vs. Jej Vinson. The first to take the stage is LB Crew from Team Adam.

LB Crew - performed "Wade in the Water" by Ella Jenkins. The performance was strong but it felt a little over-stylized. Gospel songs sometimes have trouble making it big with at-home audiences so this may not have been the best song choice for LB. The coaches seem to be leaning towards LB for the win. "Your composure and the depth of your voice -- that was church ... I am blown away by you. You aren't going anywhere," said Adam.

  • Prediction: If LB doesn't win this battle, we think he'll be stolen tomorrow night.

Jej Vinson - performed "Versace on the Floor" by Bruno Mars. There were some truly beautiful notes in the song and we definitely got to hear Jej's incredible range. The performance lacked some of the passion heard in LB's performance, however. "Your runs are so incredibly powerful without trying too hard ... I'm so impressed by you," said Kelly.

  • Prediction: We think Jej could be in some trouble tomorrow night.

Battle #2 Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam) vs. Julian King (Team Legend)

Kalvin Jarvis - performed "New Rules" by Dua Lipa. The song started off quite strong. Kalvin has a beautiful and heartwrenching voice. The arrangement had a slower R&B vibe that was perfect for Kalvin's style. Towards the end when the song got faster, he seemed to struggle a little, but overall the performance was strong. "You put on a front-runner performance," said Adam.

  • Prediction: This battle is really close, but the judges seem to be favoring Kalvin. We think he'll be safe tomorrow night.

Julian King - performed "Hello" by Adele. Julian's beautiful voice captures you from the first few lines of the song, but then he sang a few lines in Spanish and that gave it a sense of intrigue. Julian shows off some incredible range and moves so easily between his mid-range and falsetto, though there were some rough patches toward the end. "Your vocal tone is so special and so beautiful... I really loved hearing it," said John.

  • Prediction: We think Julian may be danger of elimination tomorrow night.

Battle #3 - Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake) vs. Jacob Maxwell (Team Legend)

Carter Lloyd Horne - performed "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo. Carter's voice is out of this world. It's hard to believe he's only 20. The crowd seems really engaged and Carter is really working the stage. It was an excellent performance. "You have this rich, incredible baritone voice that's so cool and so unique ... it just keeps getting better," said Blake.

  • Prediction: We think Carter will be the winner for this one.

Jacob Maxwell - performed "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain. Jacob has a beautiful voice, but the song feels really slow and boring. It may not be the best song choice for showing what he can do at this stage of the competition. "Something about your tone is just so beautiful and rich ... I'd love to hear a record from you," said John.

  • Prediction: We think Jacob is in danger of going home tomorrow night.

Battle #4: The Bundys (Team Kelly) vs. Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

The Bundys - performed "The Letter" by Joe Crocker. The performance takes the classic rock tune and turns it a bit country. The performance it really high energy but there is so much going on it's hard to tune into the individual voices. The arrangement is really different from the original but it may have strayed a bit too far from the original. "That sibling harmony is so beautiful ... you all have done a fantastic job," said Kelly.

  • Prediction: The judges don't seem to be leaning one way or the other. We think the Bundys could be in some trouble tomorrow night.

Andrew Sevener - performed "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde," by Travis Tritt. Andrew is a consummate performer. Regardless of whether country music is your thing or not, anyone could recognize the skill of this performer. "That is a hard song to cover ... country music fans are losing their minds right now," said Blake.

  • Prediction: We think Andrew won this battle.

Battle #5 Shawn Sounds (Team Kelly) vs. Karly Moreno (Team Blake)

Shawn Sounds - performed "Lay Me Down," by Sam Smith. Shawn's range is exceptional. His lows were executed perfectly, but he also has a decent upper register as well. His stage presence brings it all home, causing John to jump to his feet. "I had no idea you could sing in that baritone bass as you did .. very few people have that vocal dexterity," said John.

  • Prediction: We think Shawn has a good chance of winning this battle. If not he will likely be saved by his coach.

Karly Moreno - performed "Down" by Marian Hill. Karly puts on a great performance -- we may even like her version of this song better than the original. She easily has one of the more unique voices in the competition -- it's difficult to classify. The audience seems to really enjoy the performance. "That was your best performance so far ... thank you, sis," said Blake.

  • Prediction: This is a really difficult battle to judge because the voices are so different. We hope Karly moves forward but it feels like she may be in trouble.

Battle #6: Kendra Checketts (Team Adam) vs. Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend)

Kendra Checketts - performed "Cold Water" by Justin Beiber. Kendra's voice is so strong. She puts a ton of passion into every note. She nailed every aspect of this performance. She definitely deserves a spot in the Top 24. She got a standing ovation from the coaches. "I believe you have one of the most powerful, strong and beautiful voices in this competition," said Adam.

  • Prediction: We think Kendra will be the winner of this battle.

Jimmy Mowery - performs "Mercy" by Shawn Mendes. Jimmy has a beautiful voice but struggles a little in the lows. He's passionate, but Kendra outsang him on this one. "I'm so proud of you ... you made such great choices today," said John.

  • Prediction: We think Jimmy is in danger of going home tomorrow.

Battle #7: Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly) vs. Beth Griffith-Manley (Team Legend)

Rebecca Howell - performed "Any Man of Mine," by Shania Twain. Rebecca performs the heck out of this song. It feels like a professional country music concert. She is very comfortable with performing and makes her way through the crowd, getting them involved as she sings. She nails her high notes every time and her energy makes it hard not to get into the spirit of this song.

  • Prediction: We think Rebecca has a good chance of being saved if she doesn't win this battle.

Beth Griffith-Manley - performed "I Put a Spell on You," by Screamin Jay Hawkins. Beth brought it just as hard as Rebecca. She has an insane range and her performances are next level. It's really going to come down to the audience's musical preference.

  • Prediction: We think Beth "won" this round but it depends what kind of music the audience prefers. Blake seemed to strongly favor Beth, so if she loses perhaps Blake will use his steal for her. We think John might use his save as well.

Battle #8 Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake) vs. Abby Kasch (Team Kelly)

Gyth Rigdon - performs "Goodbye Time" by Blake Shelton. Gyth probably has the most unique country voice in the competition. It is beautiful and heart-wrenching. His tone is so rich and the song was perfectly executed. He'll be a tough one to outdo. "You're gonna be in the finale. I believe that," said Blake.

  • Prediction: We're naming Gyth the winner. The coaches seem to be favoring him as well.

Abby Kasch - performed "Cupid's Got a Shotgun," by Carrie Underwood. Abbey puts a ton of energy into this song and the audience seems to really be enjoying it. It doesn't have the same heart as Gyth's but the performance is certainly entertaining.

  • Prediction: We think Abby is in danger of going home tomorrow night.

The Voice 2019 Teams: Every Contestant Who Made It To The Live Cross Battles

Below are the team results after last week's Cross Battles:

Team Kelly

Voice, 2019, live, cross, battles, 2, results, recap, live, blog, who, went, home, left, saved, eliminated, tonight, last, night, season 16, episode, 14, how, to, vote, steal, comeback, stage, teams top 24
The Voice Season 16 Coach, Kelly Clarkson NBC
  • Matthew Johnson - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Presley Tennant - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Rod Stokes - Stolen from Adam During Cross Battles 1
  • The Bundys - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Rebecca Howell - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Abby Kasch - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Jej Vinson - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Karen Galera - Eliminated during Cross Battles 1

Team Adam

Voice, 2019, live, cross, battles, 2, results, recap, live, blog, who, went, home, left, saved, eliminated, tonight, last, night, season 16, episode, 14, how, to, vote, steal, comeback, stage, teams top 24
The Voice Season 16 Coach, Adam Levine NBC
  • Mari - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Betsy Ade - Stolen from Kelly during Cross Battles 1
  • Domenic Haynes - Saved by Adam during Cross Battles 1
  • Kendra Checketts - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • LB Crew - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Kalvin Jarvis - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • <s>Andrew Jannakos - Eliminated during Cross Battles 1

Team Legend

Voice, 2019, live, cross, battles, 2, results, recap, live, blog, who, went, home, left, saved, eliminated, tonight, last, night, season 16, episode, 14, how, to, vote, steal, comeback, stage, teams top 24
The Voice Season 16 Coach, John Legend NBC
  • Maelyn Jarmon - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Lisa Ramey - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Celia Babini - Stolen from Adam during Cross Battles 1
  • Beth Griffith-Manley - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Julian King - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Jacob Maxwell - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Jimmy Mowery - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Shawn Sounds - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • <s><s>Kayslin Victoria - Eliminated during Cross Battles 1

Team Blake

Voice, 2019, live, cross, battles, 2, results, recap, live, blog, who, went, home, left, saved, eliminated, tonight, last, night, season 16, episode, 14, how, to, vote, steal, comeback, stage, teams top 24
The Voice Season 16 Coach, Blake Shelton NBC
  • Kim Cherry - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Oliv Blu - Cross Battle 1 Winner
  • Dexter Roberts - Cross Battles 1 Winner
  • Selkii - Saved by Blake during Cross Battles 1
  • Carter Lloyd Horne - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Karly Moreno - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Gyth Rigdon - Awaiting Cross Battle
  • Andrew Sevener - Awaiting Cross Battle

When Does The Voice Air Next? Start Time and Channel

The Voice will return on Tuesday, April 23 at 9 p.m. EDT for the Live Cross Battles 2 results. You can watch it live on NBC, or catch up the day after it airs via Hulu or NBCc.com.