'The Voice' Season 16 Live Cross Battles: How the New Twist on Knockout Rounds Works

The Voice Season 16 is adding something new — Live Cross Battles! A teaser video released last week, announced a new "twist" was coming to the show April 15. While the teaser didn't reveal what the twist would be, various clues around the web suggest Knockout rounds are getting replaced by a brand new type of elimination round called Live Cross Battles.

Live Cross Battles: What Are They? How Do They Work?

The final Battle Rounds air Monday and Tuesday night, but when the show returns on April 15, fans won't be tuning in for the Knockouts. Instead, the coaches will introduce a new kind of competition round that has already been tested in international versions of the show.

During the Knockout rounds, coaches used to pair up their remaining artists for another set of battle rounds. Instead of performing duets, the Knockouts allowed singers choose the songs they performed. Paired singers performed one after the other, then the coaches determine the winner of the round, sending one of the artists home, while the other prepared for the Playoffs.

This year, however, the Knockouts will be replaced with Live Cross Battles. In these battles, singers are still paired up to compete against each other, but the twist is that they won't be from the same team. The cross battles are performed live and after each pair performs, the audience gets to vote on which performer they feel "won" the battle. Adding a live element to the show so early in the competition will alter a number of things: not only will viewers need to be more engaged to keep their favorite singers in the running, it also stands to alter the way the teams look ahead of the finals. Depending on how the audience votes, a coach could potentially have no performers in the finals at all.

It's unclear how steals and saves will play into the Live Cross Battles, but one thing is certain. They are coming. If you go to the TV Guide app and look up the listing for April 15, you'll see the title of The Voice Episode that week is "Live Cross Battles Part 1." Meanwhile, Gold Derby noted that The Voice 's ticketing website, 1iota , also listed the April 15 and 16 episodes as live shows. Since the Knockout rounds have always been pre-taped shows, this is another major clue that the Live Cross Battles are coming to the show starting April 15.

No details about how the Live Cross Battles voting will work have been revealed so far, but our assumption is they'll work in the same way as all the live battles work: viewers will register votes via the official The Voice app or on Twitter.

As more is learned about how the Live Cross Battles will work, which performers will team up and what role the coaches play in these battles, we'll be sure to update this post.

The Voice airs every Monday and Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.