Who Are The Mentors on 'The Voice,' Most Successful Winners and How Much Money Do Competitors Make?

The blind auditions of Season 16 of The Voice are over, but there are still some lingering questions fans may want to know about the famous reality competition. For one, the judges of the show change from season to season. The show also offers a recording contract to the winner of the series, but do the winners ever garner real fame?

The answers to all your questions and more are provided below:

Who are the mentors on 'The Voice'?

Season 16 of The Voice consists of mentors Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Jennifer Hudson stepped out for Season 16 and was replaced by John Legend.

Legend was ecstatic to be a part of the reality competition series. "I'm thrilled to join the coaches of The Voice. I've been a guest and mentor on the show multiple times and I'm so excited to discover talented singers and help them make the most of their gift," the EGOT said in a statement. "I hope the world is ready for #TeamJL."

Who is the most successful voice winner of 'The Voice'?

Season 3's Cassadee Pope is arguably the most successful winner of The Voice. The "Frame by Frame" star is signed Republic Nashville with and toured with country singers like Darius Rucker, Tim McGraw and Dirks Bentley.

She told Newsweek last month that her most embarrassing moment on The Voice was forgetting to wear deodorant. "We shot two episodes in one night because we were trying to cut a day of filming out for Thanksgiving because they were shooting during Thanksgiving time. I forgot to put deodorant on and it was on the night you find out if you stay or go. Clearly, I'm nervous. I'm sweating. I got through, and it was great," she said. "Then, I came back to my senses and realized, 'Oh my gosh, somebody didn't put on deodorant.' And it was me!"

Who is the Comeback Judge for 'The Voice' 2019?

Bebe Rexha is the "fifth coach" of Season 16.

Unlike the other judges, Rexha servers as the Comeback Judge and will help some of the contestants who didn't make it through the blind auditions. Two competitors will get a chance to take the stage and sing in each episode. It's up to Behe to decide who of the two gets to move on to the next phase.

"This season, it will be more challenging than ever to make it back into the competition," Rexha tells one of the Season 16 contestants in a promo. "We're gonna perfect it, and we're gonna kick some butt."

Do 'Voice' contestants make money?

Voice contestants have the opportunity to win a $100,000 grand prize and a recording contract, but they are not paid. They are reportedly given a living stipend but that's it.

More, participants are reportedly asked to sign a contract that stares the series "may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing (and) may expose me to public ridicule, humiliation, or condemnation" a 2014 report from the New York Daily News said.

It adds that The Voice is essentially allowed to rig the series if they want to: "Producer and the network ... shall have the right at any and all times ... to remove or replace me as a participant in the series, for any reason whatsoever, in their sole discretion."

If participants break the contract, they can reportedly be sued for $1 million.