Voice Tech Is Part of the Future of Doing Business

Voice tech is going to change the way companies operate. And we are already starting to see a number of voice tools transforming the future of business.

Voice assistant concept

Many are becoming aware of the fact that artificial intelligence will be big in the future of work and business. If you are paying attention, you already see a range of AI-powered tools supplementing human work and making businesses more efficient and effective.

One of the ways in which AI will have the biggest impact is with voice technology. Advances in branches of AI, such as natural language processing, have taken voice technology a long way. Voice tools are now much better at understanding human language. They can take commands almost seamlessly, and they can now provide meaningful responses to commands and queries.

What does this mean for business? Voice tech is going to change the way companies operate. And we are already starting to see a number of voice tools transforming the future of business.

Voice Tech in Digital Transformation

Companies in all sectors will find voice tech playing a key role in digital transformation. As businesses implement new technology platforms, they often face issues with training and adoption. Employees can be reluctant to use new tools even when they know the benefits. Training can also be time-consuming and tedious. Voice tech can help ease these transitions.

According to a 2018 report from Mercator Advisory Group, 60% of U.S. adults were already using voice assistants. This growing familiarity with the technology can be used to the advantage of businesses. If people use voice tech at home, they will be more willing to use it at work.

It isn't even just the familiarity. Using voice commands is much simpler than teaching a person how to navigate a new user interface and various dashboards. When employees see how easy and natural it is, they will be more likely to adopt a tool that allows for voice interactions and commands.

Empowering Human Work With Voice Tech

The true power of voice technology is how it can help humans perform tasks. If you look at voice assistant owners, 72% say they rely on the voice assistant during their daily routine. In many cases, they are telling the voice assistant to handle simple tasks while they are busy with something else. As an example, you might ask the voice assistant to add an item to your shopping list while you are cooking dinner. This concept can transfer to the workplace.

You can help employees save time and make them more effective with voice assistants and various voice tools. For example, they could ask a voice assistant to provide inventory numbers for an item without sitting at a desk or typing commands. They could also have the assistant schedule a meeting or add an appointment to their schedule. A voice assistant could take an email by voice and send it out. It could also send notifications to your team to ensure everyone is on the same page about a significant event or deadline. It is just a matter of the voice tools you have available.

Making Analytics More Accessible

Not too long ago, you needed considerable skills and training to work with data and analytics platforms. If you didn't have the skills, you either had to put in a request with the analytics department at your company, or you didn't get the information you needed. Natural language processing is starting to change that.

One of the top features of modern BI solutions is the ability to take commands in natural language. With tools that utilize voice tech, users can make queries in natural language. Moreover, you don't even have to type with the latest BI tools. With voice tech, you can ask the platform a question like you would another person. It will be able to understand you and provide a response in natural language.

The use of voice technology is only going to increase. A report from Juniper Research indicates that there will be more than 8 billion voice assistants in use by the end of 2023. That means that many people will be using voice tech at home and at work.

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