Voices of Reason Grow Louder In Iran

This week, many Iranians will mark the 31st anniversary of the overthrow of the shah with street demonstrations against a regime seen by some as illegitimate. While the Revolutionary Guards have vowed to deal harshly with protesters, the unrest has grown so bad that fractures are now present within the security establishment itself, and some of the Islamic Republic's most ardent defenders are now pushing the regime to moderate its position. According to multiple high-level sources, some former senior Guards commanders who still maintain ties to the organization have begun quietly urging Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to change his ways. The group includes several powerful sitting officials, such as the mayor of Tehran and the speaker of Parliament. These men, no moderates, are reported to be politely pressing Khamenei to restrain his security forces and muzzle his fiery acolyte, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The ex-Guards are also meeting with opposition leaders to search for a compromise and urge them to find ways to speak out without threatening the regime. So far, there's been no clear sign that Khamenei is willing to listen. But when the shah started ignoring his advisers, the result was revolution.

Voices of Reason Grow Louder In Iran | News