People Are Realizing How Waffle Fries Are Made and It's Blowing Their Minds

The way waffle fries are cut has mystified internet users after a viral video showed the technique behind the starchy snacks.

TikTok user @sandiegofeed gained over 900,000 likes in just five days with his reaction to the discovery.

@sandiegofeed, who describes himself online as a "foodie" who is "here for the food," duetted a post by that showed how the potatoes are cut before cooking to get the lattice shape.

"I feel so stupid," he said. "I've always wondered how they made those waffle fries, like that's it, you just cut it and then turn it."

In the video, the potato cutter made a crinkle cut in the potato, before it was then turned the other way and cut again. With the cutter essentially weaving through the indents, it creates a waffle-shaped potato cut.

Wrapping your head around it may take a few watches, as pointed out by other TikTok users who were just as baffled by how waffle fries are made.

"I thought you had to put mashed potatoes in the waffle maker," commented one user.

"I literally thought they braided the potato," added another.

"My brain still can't understand how this is possible," wrote a viewer.

"Does not compute," commented one still confused user.

One TikTok user explained that they watched the clip five times "because [they] could still not register how the holes were made."

Despite this video only recently going viral, the mystery of how waffle fries are cut has long plagued starch lovers, with the mashed potato in a waffle maker theory often prevailing.

There is however another method behind the shape that is also often used—a mandolin. Using a mandolin and a crinkle cutter blade, cooks cut the potato one way with the attachment, before rotating it 90 degrees and cutting again.

The finished product is a criss-crossed waffle shape. In 2011, a video showing this technique was uploaded to YouTube and has amassed over 200,000 views since.

"Finally someone solved the mystery for me on how to do this," commented one Youtube viewer.

Both techniques managed to answer unanswered questions from the internet, and naturally have the same following cooking technique of being double fries.

To get the Chick-fil-a0style fries, online recipes suggest placing the cut potato slices in cold water first before frying once. Then cool them on paper towels, before returning them to the oil and cooking for a second time.

Cooked waffle fries
Stock image of waffle fries. Getty Images