Waffle House Atlanta Fight Video Viewed Over 3 Million Times

Video footage has surfaced chronicling a bruising encounter between a Waffle House employee and an unwanted customer.

The clip, which was submitted to ATL Uncensored on Twitter, has been viewed over 3.2 million times, generating a huge reaction online in the process.

In the video, a man in an orange T-shirt can be seen arguing with a group of women sitting at the counter of the late-night eatery.

According to a caption accompanying the video, the footage was filmed at a branch of Waffle House on Buford Highway in Georgia.

Their exchange is largely inaudible though one of the women can be heard saying "you should never say that to us" and "shut the f*** up" to the man.

She is later seen attempting to stop the man from re-engaging with her and her friends, putting her hand in front of his face telling him, repeatedly, to "let it go."

A second woman, meanwhile, can be heard pleading with him to "just be easy."

Seconds later, however, and with the situation evidently escalating, the video cuts to another man in Waffle House uniform attempting to forcibly eject the aforementioned man in orange.

Despite being dragged to the door of the shop by his shirt collar, the man in orange refuses to go down without a fight—quite literally.

Throwing a punch in the direction of the alleged Waffle House worker, the man connects with his jaw but is soon met with a flurry of punches from the restaurant employee.

More punches rain down on the man as he is dragged to the ground before regaining his footing and fighting back, with gasps and screams audible among those watching the altercation.

The video ends with the fight still in full swing and little information on how the situation was resolved.

Newsweek has reached out to Waffle House for comment, as well as the Chamblee and Gwinnett County police departments.

A caption accompanying the clip, which has been retweeted more than 5,600 times, reads: "Waffle House on Buford Hwy was turnt."

Despite the serious nature of the fight itself, many on Twitter found the encounter to be the source of much amusement.

Lowkeysunshin3 claimed this was "what you go to Waffle House for" while BillRichardso10 compared it to the Thrilla in Manilla, Muhammad Ali's legendary encounter with Joe Frazier, dubbing this version the "Bustup on Buford."

Most were impressed with the alleged Waffle House worker's impressive fight skills. Fox 11 chief meteorologist Patrick Powell joked that "'Punching In' at Waffle House is exactly what it says."

DenzelNotDead, meanwhile, proclaimed that "Waffle House employees are the undefeated heavyweight champions of the world" and Gods_Key noted that they had "never seen a Waffle House employee lose a fight."

This violent encounter comes over a year on from the incident which saw a Waffle House employee shot dead by a customer.

Kelvin Watson was arrested in May 2020 after he allegedly shot and killed a restaurant worker who had asked him to wear a mask while in the venue.

A branch of Waffle House.
A branch of Waffle House in Alabama. An employee in Georgia has been filmed fighting with a customer. Patrick T. Fallon/Getty