Video: Waffle House Employees Pour Food All Over Drunk Customer, Use Him as Puppet to Make Him Dance

Two Waffle House employees have been fired after video has emerged of them pouring food onto a passed-out customer and using his arms to make him dance like a puppet.

The clip, which was posted onto Instagram, shows the workers humiliating the man while he is drunk at one of the chain's diners in DeKalb County, Georgia.

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The employees can be seen pouring salt and ketchup on the man's head, as well as placing slices of cheese on him as he rests on the counter inebriated.

The clip also shows one person lifting the drunk man's arms and forcing him to 'dance.' The man, who did not wish to be named, went to the Waffle House in order to sober up. After he came around, he paid for some food and walked out, unaware of what the employers had subjected him to.

The man's fiancee said she "busted out crying" when she saw the clip on social media.

"He went to go get his head together, his mind straight, he passed out during the time, and they took advantage of him," she told WSB-TV.

His fiancee, who also did not want to the named, claimed the now-private Instagram page features other similair videos of Waffle House employers playing pranks on unsuspecting customers.

"Half of the people who are on his page probably don't even know they're being exposed at the moment," she said.

In a statement, Waffle House confirmed they have contacted the male customer in question and apologized to him for their employee's behavior.

"When we learned of this event, we launched an investigation, and have terminated the employees involved," company spokesman Pat Warner said, reports Dayton Daily News.

"Their actions in no way represent our company or our thousands of associates who strive to provide our customers with a positive experience daily."

The DeKalb County Police Department has since filed a report for simple battery. It is unclear if any charges have bene brought forward.

In November, another Waffle House in Alabama, was the scene of a truly bizarre incident in which a man wearing just his underwear fell through the ceiling following a botched robbery attempt.

"He was trying to break into the office of the restaurant by going through the ceiling of the bathroom," Police Chief Tony Logan told the Times Daily. "Apparently, he made a wrong step and he came down into the dining area."

The suspect allegedly tied his jeans and t-shirt to the bathroom door as a makeshift lock so no one could enter as he climbed through the ceiling.