'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 12 Spoilers: Who Dies in Hilltop Battle?

The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 12 airs this Sunday, and SPOILERS suggest it may be one of the biggest shows of the year. As Hilltop presumably goes down in flames, who survives and who meets an unfortunate fate? We've got all the big details below courtesy of the latest report from The Spoiling Dead Fans.

As the Hilltop crumbles, everyone splits to deal with the aftermath in various ways. The groups are (A) Luke and Aaron, (B) Daryl, Rosita, Jerry and Nabila, (C) Alden, Kelly, Adam and Gamma, (D) Eugene, Carol, Magna and Yumiko, as well as (E) Earl and the children. Ezekiel intends to take the kids to safety, but he gets disoriented in the madness.

Starting with group C, Alden, Kelly, Adam and Gamma make their way to safety. Kelly encourages Alden to let Gamma hold Adam, and the characters discuss Gamma's sister Frances. She clearly regrets her actions and proves this in a pretty stunning way. Kelly, Alden and Adam hop into a car to avoid the horde, while Gamma stays outside to lure the walkers away. While this happens, Beta approaches and kills her. Beta wants to wait for Gamma to turn, but Alden shoots her with an arrow before that happens. To avoid being killed himself, Beta runs away.

walking dead negan alpha 10x12
'The Walking Dead' Season 10 continues with an action-packed episode 12. Read full plot spoilers below. 'The Walking Dead' continues March 15 on AMC. Jace Downs/AMC

As for the kids in group E, Earl takes everyone, including Judith, to a separate cabin. In another room, Judith discovers Earl trying to kill himself using a big metal rod. She realizes he's been bitten. She offers to stay with him while he turns, but Earl refuses. Later on, she goes in and does the business anyway. Shortly thereafter, Daryl comes in and holds her while she cries.

Elsewhere in the episode is group D, where Magna enters Hilltop amongst the horde. Despite being reunited with Yumiko at long last, the pair decides to amicably break up. In response to Carol's reckless action back at the cave, Magna punches her. Eugene, on the other hand, tries his best to salvage the radio. He also has a nice conversation with Carol, where Carol tells him he has to keep going after Stepahnie even if their meeting plans don't work out. In appreciation for her concern, Eugene says he hopes Carol gets everything she wants as well.

As it turns out, Carol does, and this all starts with group A, as Aaron carries an unconscious Luke on a stretcher. In the mess, Aaron encounters Negan, who asks if he knows Lydia's whereabouts. Things get immediately confrontational, but Negan insists "it's not like that." The shouting attracts walkers, and Negan leaves Aaron to deal with the threat.

walking dead earl 10x12
Earl tries to save the children in 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 episode 12. Jace Downs/AMC

Negan does find Lydia, though, and takes her to a cabin and ties her up. He tells Alpha that he has found her and walks to the cabin. On the way, Negan tells Alpha about his wife's pancreatic cancer and how he divorced himself from emotion after her death. He saw that as a strength at first but thinks Alpha's whole primal act is a farce. He doesn't understand why a mother could ever want to kill her child and tries to talk her out of it. Before they enter the cabin, Alpha kisses him and thanks him.

When she opens the door, however, Alpha sees an empty cabin. It's revealed that Negan set Lydia free. When Alpha turns around, Negan slits her throat and kisses her as she dies. At the end of the episode, we see Negan carrying a sack with Alpha's head. He presents it at the feet of Carol, who says "took you long enough."

So, Alpha's reign of terror is finally over and Negan has officially revealed himself as a double agent. But, with Alpha finally gone, will the threat of Beta be potentially worse? Where will the Hilltop survivors go now that their community has been destroyed? Can Eugene get back in touch with Stephanie to establish a new home? All these questions and more will likely be answered as the climax of The Walking Dead Season 10 continues.

The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 12 airs March 15 on AMC.

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