'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 20 Spoilers: Princess Fights Reality

The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 20 airs this Sunday, and the latest Q&A SPOILERS offer viewers a sneak preview of what to expect from the upcoming plot. Courtesy of the latest report from the We Are the Walking Dead Fans Facebook page, we learn that Princess figures heavily into the story. If you want to know more, just keep on reading.

After focusing on a series of seemingly disconnected side stories over the previous two weeks, episode 20 brings viewers back to one of the show's central plotlines in which Princess, Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko are surrounded by a group of stormtrooper-like strangers. We've already uncovered what the introduction of those unique uniforms meant with regard to the comics, but now fans are finally able to catch a glimpse of how they might contribute to the TV series.

walking dead 10x20 spoilers princess
'The Walking Dead' Season 10 episode 20 focuses on Paola Lázaro as Princess. Read full plot spoilers below. 'The Walking Dead' airs March 21 on AMC. Josh Stringer/AMC

In the present situation of being surrounded by unknown soldiers, our four heroes are sectioned off into separate train cars in the railyard. Yumiko in particular sustains an injury while trying to save Princess from being captured, so she doesn't have much interaction with the others. While the majority of stormtroopers are out on patrol, one soldier interrogates everyone about their situation. Based on his positive relationship with Stephanie, Eugene sees this event as some sort of initiation process, but Ezekiel is seemingly less sure about the hostile setup.

At one point a soldier enters Princess' train car to give her food, suggesting he just wants to help, but, still feeling he's in danger, Ezekiel throws a fit and brutally attacks the man. The scene initially unfolds with Princess begging her friend to stop the assault, only to find that much of this situation has been in her head and that she is in fact the one doing all the punching.

walking dead 10x20 spoilers ezekiel
Ezekiel expresses doubt that these unique soldiers actually have good intentions. Josh Stringer/AMC

This paves the way for a dialogue between Princess and the soldier. When he's able to speak, he suggests that he knows his people can be intense but that they're just following routine. The soldier says he's got paperwork to fill and probation to finish, and now his situation will only get worse now that he's been captured by a woman. Princess opens up to him in response, revealing that she had an abusive stepfather and currently struggles with PTSD, ADHD and having an apparently "active imagination." The chat compels the assailant to believe her captive, and she gives the soldier back his weapon. Despite this gesture of good faith, the man opens the train car door and Princess sees her friends tied up with bags over their heads. The episode ends with Princess meeting a similar fate.

In other words, while episode 20 makes strides in advancing what is presumably the single biggest unresolved plot thread in The Walking Dead thus far, it only does so in minor ways. In large part, this latest episode merely exists to help viewers better understand Princess' somewhat fragile mental state. It's not quite clear if any of the featured soldiers have recurring roles in the series going forward, nor do we learn for certain that they're actually tied to the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, that all-important subject might not be broached for another few months.

The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 20 airs March 21 on AMC.

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