'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 6 Spoilers: Does Negan Join the Whisperers?

The Walking Dead Season 10 continues with episode 6 on Sunday, and we've got our latest SPOILER report courtesy of the experts at the Spoiling Dead Fans. Want to know what's next for Negan and the Whisperers? Keep reading this advance preview.

But, before getting to those juicy Negan tidbits, let's first talk about Carol and Daryl. At the start of the episode, Carol initially tells Daryl she wants him to come with her to hunt for Negan. When they approach the spot near Alpha's border, however, the clever woman reveals her true plan. Instead, she feels this area is where Alpha first releases zombies from her horde. Theoretically, if this detail is true, our heroes can watch how the zombies are released and then see where Alpha takes the stragglers back to. This might help them stop the horde's trickling daily attacks.

This detail ends up being right, as a few Whisperers approach the spot with more walkers. Things go awry when Carol makes noise to alert them. Daryl has to leverage walker guts to conceal himself, but the two make it back to their designated meeting spot. Carol has brought a guest along with her, though. She's tied up a Whisperer in the mayhem and plans to bring them back to home base for questioning.

walking dead carol daryl 10x6
'The Walking Dead' episode 6 features Daryl and Carol on a quest to locate the horde. Spoilers reveal more details. The Walking Dead continues November 9 on AMC. Jace Downs/AMC

As for Negan, his few days with the Whisperers are anything but glamorous. Beta tacitly accepts him into the group, but he's basically leveraged for hard labor like digging holes and skinning walkers. In fact, despite helping kill a pig for dinner, he's not even offered a food ration. Even so, Negan tells Beta that Alpha "turns him on." Beta sees Negan as someone fit for the lower rungs of the group, but, after Negan kneels at Alpha's feet and promises the world to her, Alpha seems to officially accept him as a Whisperer.

walking dead negan 10x6
Negan earns his stripes in episode 6, but is he truly a Whisperer? Jace Downs/AMC

There are a few small details worth noting outside the main plot as well. For one, Eugene continues to talk to the woman on the radio and even reveals his name to her. The two agree to keep their chats a secret. Carol also questions Daryl about his relationship with Connie, and he says it's not romantic.

Overall, The Walking Dead episode 6 is very much an interstitial episode between major events. Negan is apparently a Whisperer, but does he truly intend to help the enemy? Will he revert to his old ways, or might his current redemption arc continue? What will Carol learn from the captured Whisperer, and how will Alpha react to losing a soldier? All these questions and more are ripe for answers in the coming weeks.

The Walking Dead continues November 10 on AMC.

What are your thoughts on episode 6 after reading these spoilers? Is Negan truly prepared to be a Whisperer? Tell us in the comments section!