'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 7 Spoilers: Huge Death & a Big Twist?

The Walking Dead Season 10 continues with episode 7 this Sunday, and we've got all the juicy SPOILERS you want to know ahead of its premiere. Thanks to the experts at The Spoiling Dead Fans, we can tell you all you need to know about the show's next big death and a major plot twist. The full details await your curious eyes below.

This week's episode focuses entirely on Alexandria, where Whisperer-induced illness continues to ravage the show's lead community. The effort to solve this quagmire is led on two fronts, first with Daryl and Carol. After capturing the Whisperer soldier in episode 6, Carol immediately begins her interrogation. She initially tries to kill the hostage with kindness per Lydia's suggestion, but, after she winds up with jam on her face, she tries punching him instead. This is a mostly useless endeavor, beyond discovering that many of the Whisperers believe Lydia to be dead.

The resourceful Carol then tries to use Alpha's apparent deceit to her advantage. She wants to show her prisoner that Lydia is still among the living, but Daryl, being a protective guardian, strongly detests the idea. Lydia eventually agrees, but when she goes to the prisoner's cell, she discovers that he is dead. Apparently Dante gave him poisonous plants instead of medicine. Dante blames Siddiq for the error, but there's no fixing it.

walking dead carol 9x07
'The Walking Dead' Season 10 continues with episode 7, as Carol begins her interrogation. Read more spoilers below. 'The Walking Dead' airs November 17 on AMC. Jace Downs/AMC

All the while, Aaron continues to meet with Gamma and the two start to have a fairly positive relationship. This angers Alpha, and she whips her and sends her back to get more information. At the pair's next meeting she holds Aaron at knifepoint and demands details. To cut the transaction off, Carol shows up with Lydia. This visibly upsets Gamma and she runs off. Feeling betrayed and used, Lydia also takes off into the woods.

It's the episode's final moments, however, that are perhaps most impactful. After diving into the water in a hysterical fit, Siddiq has a conversation with Rosita and discovers the only thing in common between all the patients he's seen is the water they drink. Siddiq runs to the tap and discovers that the infirmary's source valve has been tampered with. Despite the handle pointing towards "drinkable," it's actually pumping out unfiltered water. This is why so many of Alexandria's residents became sick.

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Dante has a little secret, but will Alexandria's leaders figure it out? Jace Downs/AMC

Shortly thereafter Dante and Siddiq are at the house, and Dante tries to sooth Siddiq with some words of encouragement. When Dante thanks him for "pulling his weight with the water," the character clicks his tongue. This triggers a vision in Siddiq's head of a Whisperer forcing him to open his eyes also doing the same click. Siddiq realizes that Dante is, in fact, a Whisperer and that he has tampered with the water deliberately. The two fight but Dante takes over and chokes Siddiq, saying "I didn't want this, not you, not like this!" Siddiq eventually loses consciousness and dies.

With all this in mind, episode 7 stands to be one of the biggest episodes of Season 10. Alexandria has a traitor in its midst, but will the others discover his identity? Are there other community members trying to accomplish similar devious deeds? Now that Dante is confirmed to be quite unlike his comic book self, will Lydia make an unexpected move and return to her mother's tribe? These questions are perhaps best left answered in episode 8.

The Walking Dead continues November 17 on AMC.

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