'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Premiere Spoilers: Satellite Mystery in Episode 1

The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere is finally here, and we've got all the SPOILERS you're looking for from episode 1. Want to know about the first big moments of the year and what happens next in the fight against the Whisperers? As usual, a forum post from The Spoiling Dead Fans has you covered.

The episode begins with a shot of space and a satellite heading toward earth. Ezekiel and Jerry open the doors of a shipwrecked boat while a group of characters works in formation to slay the walkers inside. Clearly, our heroes have been hard at work training to fight Alpha's army. While playing on the beach, Judith calls attention to a Whisperer mask unearthed by RJ. Aaron tells Gabriel about the mask over radio, feeling that the group should be more proactive if the Whisperers are indeed back. Michonne, however, doesn't want to start a panic. Instead, she takes out a group to investigate the situation. Daryl stays back to hang out with Carol.

walking dead michonne 10x01
Michonne is apprehensive about starting a panic in 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 premiere. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Overall, Aaron is tired of being the nice guy and wants to be the first to retaliate against any threat. They notice a Whisperer body on their side of the border, which reignites the opposing stances on fear. Aaron believes that fear of harm will keep residents safe. Back home, Judith tells RJ about "Brave Man" Rick who risked everything for the people he loved. Shortly thereafter, the satellite seen in the opening of the episode explodes. There's a quick montage of Rosita, Eugene and Siddiq taking care of baby Coco together.

After hearing of the beach findings, Gabriel sprints to the council room where Lydia is reading with Laura and Gracie. He tells her to leave, which prompts an interesting chat outside where Negan is doing some supervised work in the garden. Both of them are treated like outcasts. Lydia tells him she knows they found a Whisperer body. Meanwhile, Siddiq is suffering from PTSD because of his encounters with the Whisperers. His fit is interrupted by the cocky doctor Dante, who fans see for the first time.

walking dead gabriel 10x01
'The Walking Dead' Season 10 premiere has Father Gabriel making some tough decisions. Spoilers reveal his dilemma. 'The Walking Dead continues October 6 on AMC. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

In Negan's cell, the prisoner tells Gabriel that in this time of need people should feel safe. Gabriel is hesitant about telling others of the discovery. After this chat, we see the satellite explosion from Alexandria's view. Eugene sprints to the radio room and demands to talk to Michonne.

At Oceanside it's deduced that Kelly's hearing may be getting worse, but Connie tells her to stay strong. After this sensitive moment, Daryl appears with his dog. There's some flirting between Daryl and Connie, as Daryl has now learned to sign. A boat docks and Carol is inside. Things are awkward with Ezekiel, who's standing next to Daryl, but Daryl gets a big hug. We learn that Carol has been spending time at sea and sometimes gets letters from Maggie. The pair go on a motorcycle ride and are surrounded by walkers, but the zombies pose no threat. A deer approaches, but Daryl lets it go because it crosses into Alpha's land. Daryl gives Carol a friendship bracelet, and we see the satellite explode from their view. Alpha encounters the pair, and the episode ends.

As any good premiere should, The Walking Dead Season 10 begins by getting fans reacquainted with the situations of the characters and establishing a new threat. It's clear the battle against Alpha is far from over, but the form said conflict will take is unknown. That's what the remainder of Season 10 will presumably focus on.

The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere airs October 6 on AMC.

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