'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Spoilers: Addicts & Alpha Meetings in Episode 3

The Walking Dead Season 10 is in full swing, which means episode 3 is right around the corner. As usual, we've got our SPOILER recap courtesy of a Spoiling Dead Fans forum post. Who becomes an addict, and what's next for Alpha? We've got all the juicy details below.

Episode 3 focuses primarily on Alexandria, as town residents are forced to confront a never-ending horde of zombies. After battling the undead for a full 44 hours straight, Gamma comes to Alexandria and says Alpha wants to have a meeting. Interested parties should lay their weapons at the border, and she claims the waves are not the fault of the Whisperers. A town meeting is held where residents address their concerns. Lydia says the walkers aren't her mother's doing, because she'd prefer to kill them if she wanted to. Eugene brings up the fact that the satellite may be the cause of the disturbance, but he's quickly shut down.

Carol objects to the meeting heavily, but she partially relents. Viewers learn that, due to the stress of many deaths in her past, Carol has become addicted to amphetamines that she claims "are like coffee." Drugs and resentment of Alpha abound, she packs an extra revolver before the confrontation.

walking dead 10x3 carol
'The Walking Dead' Season 10 continues, and the latest spoilers reveal big changes for Carol. Can she deal with her troubled past? 'The Walking Dead' airs October 20 on AMC. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

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At the meeting, Michonne explains to Alpha that her group crossed the border because of the fire. However, the devious villain points out three separate instances where her rules were disobeyed. Regardless, she's able to see the context of the matter and promises there will be no bloodshed this time. Intead, she wants land. Michonne agrees to expand Alpha's border, but Carol tells Alpha she thinks the new agreement is BS. This leads to Alpha telling Carol that Henry screamed her name right before he died. Carol becomes obviously upset and tries to shoot Alpha, but Daryl intervenes. Alpha forgives Carol "mother to mother," and the new boundaries are set.

On the way back from the meeting the group stops at an abandoned school campus and Carol is charged with first watch. While exploring the gym, she accidentally steps on a trap that picks her up and flips her upside down. Trying to defend against the zombie threat below, she cuts her arm. In the havoc, a lone figure approaches that appears to be a Whisperer who has crossed the border. It messes with her, but lets the actual zombies carry out the work. She eventually cuts herself free despite being impaled.

walking dead 10x3 negan aaron
In episode 3, Negan and Aaron actually see eye to eye. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Carol sees more alleged Whisperers towards the end of the episode, but these events are called into question as she starts hallucinating about her past losses including Henry, Sophia, Lizzie and Mika. Back at Alexandria the glass is removed by a still-troubled Siddiq, and Michonne admits she doesn't trust Carol is seeing things clearly. At the end of the episode, the view goes back to the school gym. A blood trail is shown, and a Whisperer opens its eyes. In other words, Carol is proven correct.

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Outside the main plot of the meeting, there are a few other details worth noting. For one, Negan's redemption arc begins, as he and Aaron bond over their past losses. When Aaron is blinded by hogweed in a walker battle with Negan, Negan takes him to an abandoned house for safety. Things aren't so great for Eugene, though, as Rosita starts to dislike the idea of him taking care of her baby. Rosita says the two will never be together, and Eugene leaves the situation heartbroken.

Overall, The Walking Dead episode 3 ends up being a pretty momentous one. Alpha has taken more land, and it would seem she has something up her sleeve for the weeks to come. Will other residents discover the Whisperers behind the border, or is Alexandria in for a big surprise?

The Walking Dead continues October 20 on AMC.

What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 10 so far? Do these episode 3 spoilers make you excited for future episodes? Tell us in the comments section!

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