'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 10 Spoilers: What's Next for Alpha in 9x10?

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues with episode 10 this week, and we've got a full summary of its plot courtesy of The Spoiling Dead Fans. Those who want to know some early SPOILERS can find out what's next for Lydia, Henry, Alpha and more.

The episode opens with an early-apocalypse flashback that Lydia tells to Henry. She explains how her father is not a nice man and tries to use the emotional appeal to convince Henry to tell her more about the guards outside. He doesn't bite. He does, however, give Lydia an egg to eat, hoping that being nice to her will make her forget about the horrors outside. Henry also reveals that he used to live at the Kingdom, which is a day's ride from the Hilltop. At that point, Daryl bursts in and removes Henry from his cell.

Daryl then confronts Lydia and asks if she knows anything about their missing survivors, Alden and Luke. She says she does not, but warns that Alpha will kill them if they cross her. This cuts to a flashback of Alpha's first kill.

Walking Dead Alpha 9x10
In episode 10, viewers learn quite a lot about Alpha's troubled backstory. Gene Page/AMC

As the interrogation continues, Daryl offers her medicine and water. While reaching through the bars to get water, Lydia tries to hit Daryl. He counters the attack, but also notices some serious bruises on her arm. He pulls away. He comes back later in the night with a switch from a tree, explaining that some dads use these to beat things out of their kids. But he adds that her dad doesn't really sound like the bad man she described. Lydia breaks down and confirms the marks on her arm are actually from her mother.

In another flackback, we see Alpha's group debating about what to do with the body of the man she just killed. They agree to wait till morning. In the middle of the night, however, Lydia goes to see the body and it turns. The walker snaps at the girl, and her father rushes to save her. He's killed in the process. Lydia says her father died because he was soft and that Daryl is not soft like him. He refuses to entertain her manipulation. Outside the cell, Henry asks Daryl if he's been beaten and describes Carol's history with abuse. The boy insists that Lydia isn't all bad and that Daryl should be more kind to her.

Later on, Henry returns and lets Lydia out of her cell to show the girl around Hilltop. While exploring, she grabs a hammer and plans on hurting Henry, but she stops when she sees a mother comforting her baby. She goes back to her cell and asks Henry to stay with her.

The next morning, Daryl finds the couple and is initially upset. He's pleasantly surprised, through, when Lydia says her mom would never come looking for her. Knowing this, she reveals what she claims is the location of the Whisperer's camp. Shortly after, we see another version of the flashback to Lydia's father's death. We learn that Alpha actually killed him when the man tried to keep Lydia in their settlement instead of moving. For now, Daryl tells Henry that Lydia can stay.

Back at the gates, a group of Whisperers approach and Alpha steps out in front of them. She asks Tara for her daughter. There are repeated attempts to rescue Alden and Luke during the episode, but they all fail. In other words, The Walking Dead episode 10 is heavy on flashbacks and interrogation. It sets up Alpha as a character so we can better understand her once she's introduced.

Like all spoiler reports, these details may not be entirely accurate. That being said, they come from a trusted source. Errors in interpretation of that source means some descriptions may be slightly off.

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues February 17 on AMC.

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