'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 11 Spoilers: Michonne Trouble Teased in 9x11

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues with episode 11 on Sunday, and it's got lots of exciting developments for Michonne, Alpha and Henry. The latest SPOILER report from the experts at The Spoiling Dead Fans reveals the critical plot details fans can expect to see.

The episode begins with a flashback featuring Carol, Ezekiel, Tara, Jerry and Jesus at some kind of meeting in a clearing. When Tara gets there she hands Ezekiel a joint community agreement that she apparently stole from Michonne's house because it was "gathering dust." Tara also says she swiped some medicine too. She announces that her time at Alexandria is over. Jerry also tells the group that he and Nabila are expecting a child.

Back at the Hilltop in the present, Alpha agrees to turn over Luke and Alden in exchange for Lydia. Henry tries to hide Lydia in the shack where he previously got drunk, but Addie spills the beans and reveals where the pair has run off to. Lydia reluctantly agrees to the trade, knowing that the two men's lives are at stake if she refuses. She kisses Henry before she leaves.

Walking Dead Alpha 9x11
In episode 11, fans get their first good look at Alpha. Gene Page/AMC

On the open road, Alpha travels with her group. Trouble starts when one of the member's children starts to cry and attract walkers. Alpha tells the mother to put her baby on the ground and she complies. Just before the kid becomes walker meat, Connie swoops in to save her and is then reciprocally saved by Daryl and Kelly. The baby is later informally adopted by Tammy and Earl.

When Lydia returns home, she greets her mother by saying "hey mom." Demanding she be called Alpha, the woman slaps her child across the face. Sensing the danger the young lady might be in, Henry runs off to find her. The episode ends with Daryl, Connie and Dog heading off to locate the boy.

All that being considered, this week's episode of The Walking Dead is essentially a resolution of the plot established in the previous episode. In true series' fashion, however, fans are left with many lingering questions. What happened during the fallout with Michonne? Is Henry unknowingly marching toward his death? We'll likely learn more about both topics in the weeks ahead.

The Walking Dead continues on AMC February 24.

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