'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 14 Spoilers: Michonne's X Scar Explained

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues with a new SPOILER report for episode 14. Thanks to the experts at The Spoiling Dead Fans, we can finally explain Michonne and Daryl's mysterious X scars. Truth be told, the story behind them encapsulates one of the most disturbing moments in the series' long history.

Episode 14 features lots of flashbacks of a woman named Jocelyn. Played by True Blood's Rutina Wesley, she cares for a large group of adopted children. One day, she and her kids arrive at Alexandria after they're supposedly injured in an attack. As a pre-outbreak school friend, Michonne immediately takes Jocelyn in. With Rick gone, Michonne initially takes great solace in reuniting with a familiar face.

Walking Dead Michonne walking 9x14
Episode 14 of 'The Walking Dead' focuses on the troubling transformation of Michonne. Gene Page/AMC

Things go sour, however, when Jocelyn betrays them. Not only does she raid the community's pantry and infirmary, but she takes off with all of Alexandria's children including Judith. Daryl and Michonne are captured while trying to save the kids, and Jocelyn's children brand them with their X-shaped scars. The kids are essentially trained to attack anyone with the mark. While searching for Judith, Michonne confronts Jocelyn and kills her. In the process, she also slays several of the children eager to defend their leader. Daryl and Michonne escape with Judith, but the event is a total bloodbath.

Back in the present, Siddiq patches up Henry's leg at Alexandria. During that time, Judith and Daryl have a conversation about Alexandria's war with the Saviors. She thinks it could happen again with the Whisperers, but Daryl disagrees. Judith gets mad when Daryl's group leaves Alexandria and runs off to find them. Fearing she's lost her daughter again, Michonne visits Negan to ask if he has any clue where she might've gone. While he's initially stumped, he reminds Michonne that Judith "isn't the type to take sh-t sitting down." Michonne bolts into the woods just in time to save Judith from some walkers.

Michonne catches up to Daryl, and they agree to go to the Kingdom together. As the fair is about to begin, the wagons of supplies start rolling in. Unfortunately, two Whisperers happen to see all the fanfare.

This week's episode of The Walking Dead diverges heavily from its printed source material in some pretty gruesome ways. Now that we fully understand why Michonne's change in attitude took place, the situation is a lot more understandable. Being forced to slaughter children can't be good for the psyche, and we see the effects of those events in great detail. We suspect there will be lots of controversy surrounding this previously unexplored plot thread, but, as AMC has done in the past, the network will likely weather the storm in defense of its very disturbing narrative.

The Walking Dead airs March 17 on AMC.

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