'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 3 Spoilers: Savior Killer Revealed in 9x03

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues with episode 3 on Sunday, and we've got all the hot spoilers you want in advance of the premiere. The news arrives courtesy of a forum post from The Spoiling Dead Fans. Find out who's killing Saviors and what Jadis is doing with those helicopters.

SPOILERS for episode 3 of The Walking Dead follow this break. Those who don't want the full details should navigate elsewhere.

Walking Dead Rick and Maggie 9x03
Rick and Maggie agree to help others in episode 3. Gene Page/AMC

The episode begins with walkers feeding on a corpse while the body of Savior Justin reanimates. The phrase "final warning" is written on the side of a building, teasing the possibility that the unknown Savior killer has become increasingly agitated.

Back at Alexandria Rick and Michonne talk about taking Judith to see Siddiq because she has a cough, and they promise her a family day in return. Rick tells Michonne "I can think of another way to build for the future," implying that he may be thinking about having another child. Maggie encounters some trouble on the open road while taking food to the Sanctuary, but the altercation is broken up by two Saviors named Arat and Laura.

Judith visits Siddiq and the family has fun, but the entertainment is quickly broken up when Scott tells Michonne that Maggie found Justin's body. They take the corpse back to camp, which causes lots of distress. Carol and the other women step in to calm things down as weapons are drawn and accusations get made.

Amongst the action, Sheriff Grimes is on the case to figure out who's responsible for the suspicious deaths of the Saviors. His first order of business is to question Gabriel, and he asks if he knows where Jadis went last night. Rick then questions Daryl, who denies having any part in it. He does, however, ask Grimes why the Saviors get a future when people like Glenn and Abraham did not.

While clearing walkers, Rick asks the team at Grid 5 to help, but they don't respond. Upon further investigation it's discovered an Oceanside woman is knocked unconscious and Arat has been captured. Despite her Savior relations, Maggie and Rick agree to track Arat down. The search picks up when Daryl notices a suspicious bolt on a walker, cluing him in to Arat's possible location.

Later that night we see Jadis in her junkyard looking for her walkie talkie. She tells tells the person on the other end that she knows they're in range because she saw their helicopter. A man asks if she wants an A or B. Jadis asks if the man made a pickup. He says no and asks the question again. Jadis says she has been compensated for the deal but wants to know what it will take for the speaker to go away. He responds "an A."

Father Gabriel watches this conversation happen from a distance. When confronted, Jadis reveals she has been trading people for supplies. Gabriel says he has to tell Rick about it, and Jadis knocks him out.

On the search for Arat, Maggie and Daryl find Oceanside residents holding her at gunpoint. It's later revealed that Justin killed Beatrice's husband and Arat killed Cyndie's brother. After seeing how Maggie dealt with Gregory, Cyndie says her group's actions are warranted. Arat admits she said "no exceptions" just before the boy's death. Maggie and Daryl walk away as Arat is killed. Maggie tells Daryl she wants to see Negan.

Season 9 episode 3 answers two of The Walking Dead fans' biggest questions, but only one of them has a truly satisfying answer. What is Jadis doing with this helicopter community, and how might it play a role in Rick's unfortunate fate? We'll have to wait till next week to find out!

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. local time.

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