'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 4 Spoilers: How Rick May Die in 9x04

The Walking Dead Season 4 heats up as Rick Grimes' communities quietly revolt against his control. In this week's spoiler rundown courtesy of The Spoiling Dead Fans, we'll reveal Rick's possible death scenario, more fights with Daryl and an interesting interaction with Negan.

SPOILERS for The Walking Dead episode 4 follow this break. Those who don't want to know major plot details should turn back now.

Walking Dead Rick Hershel 9x01
Episode 4 of 'The Walking Dead' proves these moments of peace are only temporary for Rick Grimes. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

In order to get to the good stuff, first we must describe the events leading up to it. Daryl offers to give Rick a ride to Alexandria, but he doesn't actually take him there. Instead, he reveals that he's known Oceanside is responsible for killing Saviors and that he's OK with it. This sparks a huge fight between the two characters, but they work things out as a walker herd approaches.

The theme of fractured forgiveness pervades the rest of episode 4. Jadis has Gabriel tied down and threatens to feed him to a walker, but he ultimately convinces her forgiveness is the correct path to take. His life is spared, but he's still knocked out. Michonne visits Negan because he's refusing his meals, and the villain takes the opportunity to connect with Michonne about his dead wife and how it relates to Michonne's son, Andre. Negan then asks to see Lucille, and is furious when he's told the group left the bat in the field during the final stand. Despite Rick's pleas for acceptance, pretty much everyone is only half healed from the events of the war.

These mixed emotions culminate in a huge riot back at camp. The noise lures the massive herd of walkers Rick has been trying to avoid, and he gets stuck in the middle of it. Surrounded by two large groups, Rick is thrown from his horse and impaled on some rebar. The episode ends as Rick fades.

However, in true Walking Dead fashion, the current belief is that this won't be the end for Alexandria's fearless leader. Current insider info suggest these events will put Rick in the infirmary where he hallucinates the return of dead characters like Shane, Hershel and Sasha. We're also told Rick's true fate will be more open-ended than originally thought. Check back next week for the concrete details on that. As with all spoiler reports, some of this info may be slightly off.

The Walking Dead continues on AMC Oct. 28.

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