'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Episode 8 Spoilers: Who Dies in the Midseason Finale?

The Walking Dead Midseason Finale is just a few hours away, and The Spoiling Dead Fans once again deliver the scoop walker stalkers have been asking for. There's a major death on the horizon, and we'll tell you who's involved.

It goes without saying that major SPOILERS for The Walking Dead Midseason Finale follow this break. Those who don't want to know the truth should turn back now.

Walking Dead Gabriel 9x08
Gabriel's not too happy about being away from Rosita. Gene Page/AMC

Continuing from Magna and Michonne's journey to Hilltop, the group arrives at a location that's clearly separated itself from Alexandria. Tara says Magna's group they can stay, but stresses it may only be temporary: Jesus has to make the final call. Carol also confronts Michonne about why she's declined to participate in the community festival. She asks Michonne to reconsider her position, but she refuses.

Elsewhere at the Hilltop, Henry has trouble adjusting to life with Earl. The partnership initially works out, but Henry goes off by himself with a bunch of teens and gets drunk on moonshine. He's thrown in the Hilltop jail for his disorderly conduct, and Earl says he'll talk to Jesus about a possible early release. To make matters worse, Henry also develops a crush on Enid, who already has a boyfriend.

Moving on to Rosita and Eugene's Whisperer scare, Daryl's dog finds a clearly shaken Eugene in a nearby barn. He claims the walkers have evolved and are specifically targeting him. Father Gabriel is equally distressed when he's told to stay and watch Negan's cell at Alexandria. Because it prevents him from seeing Rosita at Hilltop, he treats the duty carelessly and Negan escapes.

The episode ends with Daryl, Aaron, Jesus and Eugene facing off against the growing herd of Whisperers. Unaware their assailants aren't actually walkers, all attempts to round up the herd fail. Michonne, Yumiko and Magna arrive to help, and they try to make it to safety through a rusted gate. Jesus stays behind to keep the herd at bay, but he's grabbed and stabbed through the chest. The killer says, "you're where you do not belong," as the beloved character bleeds out.

With Jesus now dead, the remaining survivors pick up a walker and discover it's just a human wearing a walker skin. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with the herd of Whisperers continuing to close in.

The unexpected death of Jesus offers yet another example of how The Walking Dead TV series continues to diverge from its comic book source material. This version of the Whisperers' debut is far more elaborate and tragic than the printed version, but given how the Whisperers arc has progressed in the past, we imagine this won't be the last big death for Season 9.

The Walking Dead Midseason Finale airs Nov. 25 on AMC.

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