'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Radio Voice & Episode 16 Plot Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 9 finale is almost upon us, and the SPOILER experts at the Spoiling Dead Fans have brought the goods. From their forum posts, we know a few key tidbits surrounding time jumps, new character feuds and a mysterious voice that warrants further explanation.

Episode 16 focuses primarily on the impact of a snowstorm that ravages the nearby communities. Despite the recent trade fair, the Kingdom has fallen and all residents are forced to migrate to the Hilltop. Still feeling the impact of Henry's death, Carol and Ezekiel confront marital issues on the open road. Lydia even asks Carol to kill her, but Carol believes the girl is strong enough to do it herself if she truly feels that hopeless.

The group briefly crosses into Alpha's territory to take a shortcut, but nothing happens. When they arrive at their destination Carol breaks up with Ezekiel. He refuses to take back her ring, saying he will always love her. Carol believes Ezekiel unfairly blames Daryl for Henry's death when she feels equally at fault. The King even tells Dixon that he hopes to have a fresh start with his wife at the Hilltop, implying that Daryl should leave. In the end, Carol joins Daryl and Lydia at Alexandria.

Walking dead group 9x16
Things get heated on the chilly open road as Kingdom residents work their way toward Hilltop. Gene Page/AMC

At Alexandria the residents are just as cold. Even Negan is let out of his cell to sit by a fireplace to survive the harsh conditions. Negan leaves his post, however, when he finds out Judith has gone out in the storm to look for Dog. He's able to track both characters down and saves Judith from dying of hypothermia. The Whisperers are still doing their thing as well, as Alpha tells her followers she must get stronger. She instructs Beta to beat her with a switch.

The scene most fans will be talking about, though, involves Eugene's radio. Apparently Ezekiel's been using it to talk to other communities, and the episode ends with a short conversation between the King and Judith. The girl leaves to do her homework, but a staticy female voice comes through the speaker shortly thereafter. Nobody is around to hear it, but it sounds like someone asking if there's anyone there.

Walking Dead Georgie 8x12
Georgie is the key to Maggie's future, but what does that mean for her story? Gene Page/AMC

Of course, given that this is a spoiler report, we'll do our best to explain the end result of the cliffhanger. If the show abides by its comic source material, the voice on the other end is a woman named Stephanie. She works as a radio operator at a new community called the Commonwealth. In short, they're a massive technology-focused settlement with about 50,000 survivors. The comic iteration is run by a woman named Pamela, but many fans feel Georgie from Season 8 may be her TV counterpart. If that's the case, the return of Maggie, and possibly Rick, may not be too far behind.

The Walking Dead Season 9 finale airs March 31 on AMC.

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