'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Spoilers: Episode 7 Reveals What Happened to Maggie

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues with episode 7, and, according to reports from The Spoiling Dead Fans, the upcoming plot answers a few major questions. If you want to know what happened to Maggie and Daryl, you've come to the right place.

It goes without saying that SPOILERS for episode 7 of The Walking Dead follow this break. Those who want to go into the episode with fresh eyes should turn back now.

Walking Dead daryl 9x07
Daryl and Carol reunite in episode 7. Gene Page/AMC

The episode begins with Rosita running through the woods after her brief encounter with the talking zombies. As the whispers of her foes surround her, she passes out and falls to the ground. While she's eventually able to escape, she reveals that she left Eugene in a nearby barn and needs others to help find him.

Elsewhere in the plot, episode 7 places major emphasis on events in and around Hilltop. In Rick's absence, Maggie has left her post to work with Georgie on starting a new community. For those who forget, Georgie is the mysterious woman with glasses who made a brief appearance in the back half of last season. She expressed interest in building a technologically advanced society.

Walking Dead Georgie 8x12
Georgie is the key to Maggie's future, but what does that mean for her story? Gene Page/AMC

Without Maggie, Jesus and Tara are in control, and it's the latter member of the duo who makes the key decisions. Jesus, true to his nature, prefers to sit back and respond to events as they unfold. He's also taken a liking to Aaron, secretly training him in combat during his off time.

Outside the Hilltop, Michonne and Magna's group return to their original camp to find it ravaged by the walker herd that's been causing problems in surrounding areas. They pick out their friend Bernie from the mess, and Michonne puts him down. While she didn't originally agree to take Magna all the way to Hilltop, she relaxes and accompanies the group once she learns Rosita is being cared for at the infirmary by Enid.

The final piece of the episode revolves around Daryl, who's been chilling with a new canine friend in the woods since the bridge collapse. Carol asks Daryl to be Henry's guardian while the boy lives by himself at Hilltop. He ultimately agrees to return to society. At the end of the episode, Daryl, his dog, Aaron and Jesus leave the Hilltop to look for Eugene.

As with all spoiler reports these details aren't necessarily final, but they paint an interesting picture for The Walking Dead's future. With her focus on technology, Georgie may have some relation to the comic character Pamela, who's the leader of a modern society called the Commonwealth. Assuming that's where Maggie's headed, is it possible Rick's helicopter landed there too? We'll likely have to wait a season or two to find out.

The Walking Dead continues Nov. 18 on AMC.

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