'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Spoilers: Whisperers of a Baby in Episode 6

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues with episode 6, and the first episode of the post-Rick era is a big one. Whisperers and baby talk are a big deal heading into the upcoming plot, and The Spoiling Dead Fans has the weekly scoop.

SPOILERS for episode 6 of The Walking Dead follow this break. Those who don't want to know anything about the next episode should navigate elsewhere.

Walking Dead 9x06 michonne
After losing Rick, Michonne has trouble letting in new survivors in episode 6. Gene Page/AMC

The episode begins six years after Rick's departure, with Michonne visiting the spot where he passed out. She misses her husband, and truly believes he has passed. The infamous bridge has not been rebuilt. She also finds an abandoned car and takes a toy sheriff with her amongst the supplies.

Predictably, a good portion of episode 6 focuses on how key community members have responded to life without Rick. Michonne, now the leader at Alexandria and the mother of a child presumed to be Rick's, is hesitant to allow any and all new survivors into the community. Carol is the queen of the Kingdom, and she's abandoned her savage tendencies in favor of peaceful resolutions. Daryl, completely devastated by the loss, has chosen to live in the wilderness by himself.

In terms of plot, episode 6 expands on the Judith cliffhanger revealed last week. She begs Michonne to give the new group a chance, but her adopted mother isn't convinced. Magna, one of the new survivors, causes trouble at her acceptance council meeting by attempting to conceal a knife and revealing a presumed prison tattoo. Michonne sends the group to the Hilltop, saying "she can help them there." While not explicitly stated, it's believed the "she" is Maggie.

Speaking of prison, Judith also visits Negan in his cell to get help with homework. Negan tries to glean some info about Magna's tribe, but Judith is savvy enough to rebuke his attempts.

Carol faces her own troubles when she takes Henry to the Hilltop to see Earl. She's robbed by a group of Saviors on the open road, and they take her wedding ring in the process. Henry says Carol should've fought back, and she eventually does. She tracks down the thief and burns him alive. She also goes looking for Daryl.

Father Gabriel is now officially hitched to Rosita, and the pair works together with Eugene to boost the signal of a radio Gabriel has found. The episode ends with Rosita and Eugene camouflaged in mud as the talking walkers from previous trailers pass by. Brace yourself, because the villainous Whisperers have arrived!

That's all we know about episode 6 of The Walking Dead so far. As with all spoiler reports, there may be slight inconsistencies or errors in interpretation compared to the final episode.

The Walking Dead continues Nov. 11 on AMC at 9 p.m. local time.

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