'The Walking Dead' Stormtroopers Explained: Who Are Episode 16's Soldiers?

The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 16 just wrapped up, and the plot leaves fans with many lingering questions. While we can't address them all with the current spoiler sources available, we can offer fans a solid preview of what to expect in upcoming episodes. Want to know more about those Stormtrooper soldiers Eugene encounters at the end? You've come to the right place.

It goes without saying that potential SPOILERS are ahead for future episodes of The Walking Dead. Those who don't want any clues for what happens next should turn back now.

Who are the Stormtrooper Soldiers?

Speaking specifically to the soldiers, the narrative established by the comic book series tells us the group encountered by Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel and Princess at the end of episode 16 are believed to be representatives of a previously undiscussed community called the Commonwealth. The printed version of the Commonwealth features 50,000 residents who live as part of a network of interconnected towns, and it's highly advanced compared to the modern-but-modest Alexandria. A hallmark of the Commonwealth is its well-endowed army, which a character named Mercer leads. At least in the beginning, these guys are tough but fair.

the walking dead 10x16 surrounded
'The Walking Dead' Season 10 episode 16 ends with soldiers surrounding our heroes. Below, we explain who that army is. 'The Walking Dead' continues in 2021 on AMC. Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Around issue #175 of the Walking Dead comics, a large group including Yumiko, Eugene and Princess go to meet Stephanie and are surrounded by bright lights and soldiers in pristine armor. Because Stephanie is not allowed to speak on behalf of the Commonwealth, these armed forces arrive to take our heroes to Lance, a man who interviews the newcomers before they are allowed passage behind the walls. Shortly thereafter everyone is introduced to Pamela, the Governor of the Commonwealth.

What does this mean for Season 10 and 11 of The Walking Dead?

Moving further from the established comic book plot and into the realm of speculation, most fans believe episode 16's soldiers will start off playing a similar role in the TV series. However, instead of being led by Pamela and Mercer, it's believed Pamela's TV counterpart will be Georgie, the woman last seen towards the tail end of Season 8 who's been working with Maggie offscreen for the past few years. Not only does Georgie look like the printed depiction of Pamela, but both characters also made their debuts around the same time. Pamela's first issue released in February of 2018, with Georgie's still-unresolved cameo happening that March. Georgie also spent lots of time talking about the future as well, something the Commonwealth knows quite a bit about.

the walking dead 8x12 georgie soldiers
Is Georgie the secret to the presumed Commonwealth arc on 'The Walking Dead' TV show? Gene Page/AMC

Without delving too far into what we don't officially know, the simplest way to explain episode 16's soldier confrontation is that it's yet another sign the Commonwealth arc is about to begin. Michonne saw a similar group of soldiers at the end of episode 13, so is it possible she's with the Commonwealth already? The comic books also tell us that Rick plays a pretty significant role in what happens next, so will he return or be replaced by someone else? We've got plenty of ideas, but we'll stick to explaining just the soldiers for now.

The Walking Dead Season 10 continues early 2021 on AMC.

What did you think of episode 16 after such a long wait? Will these soldiers serve a similar purpose in The Walking Dead TV series moving forward? Tell us in the comments section!