Walmart Employee Tackles Deer in Viral Video, Sparks Debate

A Walmart employee in Baraboo, Wisconsin sprung into action on June 23 and stopped a deer from entering the store in a viral TikTok video people can't stop talking about.

In the TikTok post viewed more than 923,000 times, user @mgmuddy2x shared the video with a comment on the screen: "The people in the background are so scared."

An unidentified woman in a Walmart vest can be seen on top of a deer near the store's doorway as it struggles to escape. After she tackled the wild animal, she continued to keep it pinned to the ground to prevent it from going further into the store as customers walk quickly around her. The deer tried to make a run for it a few times, but the woman was able to keep it in place.

The deer was let go through the doors at the back of the Baraboo Walmart location, according to local news station ABC30 Action News. No injuries to the deer or humans were reported during the unusual incident. It is unclear what happened after the deer left the premises.

White-tailed deer in garden
A TikTok video has gone viral showing a woman tackling a deer who had somehow gotten into the Baraboo, Wisconsin store. The above undated photo shows a white-tailed deer walking in a garden. ARLUTZ73/GETTY

The number of deer in the United States as of 2017 totaled around 33.6 million, according to the online database Deer Friendly.

The 10-second clip has garnered much commentary from viewers, and, to date, the post has racked up 69,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments. The audience was split, though. Some people made jokes, while others were worried about the well-being of the deer.

And some viewers questioned how much the woman gets paid to deal with wildlife at Walmart. "She even get paid enough for all that?" a viewer questioned.

"Walmart doesn't pay enough for me to do all that," said another user in the comments.

Others saw the humor in the situation. "She's holding on for deer life," one commenter joked.

Another viewer thought the video showed "what taking your job too seriously looks like."

"Poor deer, refused to show their receipt!" a TikToker commented.

Some people were worried for the deer in the situation. One user said, "Poor deer must be scared."

A viewer believed that the woman in the video was "literally hurting" the deer.

"That deer isn't hurting anyone," another commenter said.

One TikTok user defended the employee's actions when they stated, "Y'all she can't just let the deer run through the store Lol."

Another user pointed out the fact that "nobody even attempted to help" the woman in the video.

Newsweek reached out to Walmart for comment.