Secret Santa Pays For Walmart Shoppers's Layaway Lists

There's a mystery man with a heart of gold who has dashed into a Vermont Walmart and ponied up for several customers's layaway items before vanishing from sight.

An almost speechless Julie Gates said she her Thursday visit to the Walmart in Derby, Vermont was one for the ages.

"I don't even think I can find the words to say," she told NBC station WMC.

While waiting in line, Gates overheard a man announce he was going to clear out a man's bill.

"Either I am going to pay for it now or I am going to pay for it later," he said, according to Gates.

The stranger then turned to her and asked what she was putting down a layaway payment.

"Why don't you run and get what you want now and come back here?"

The offer seemed too good to be true. And yet she fetched a couple items and the man was "standing there waiting."

"There was no one left," she told the station.

And true to his word, the man didn't just put some money on layaway but paid for everyone on the spot.

Gates asked him, "Who can afford to pay for everyone's layaway?"

The man told her that fairy tales aren't always make-believe.

"Santa Claus can," Gates said the man said.

Tammy Desautels was another lucky layaway customer coming to Walmart to put money down on some gifts, and walked away without owning anything thanks to the secret Santa.

"I really have a feeling that there is hope for mankind or whatever— there are still good people out there," she told WMC.

Walmart was unable to provide an account of the amount the gifting Good Samaritan spent on folks in the layaway line.

There was only a photo snapped of the clean-cut man from behind, donning the Patriots team football jacket and stone khakis fading away out of the automatic glass doors after doing a good day's work.