'WandaVision': All the Best Theories About Who The Bee Man Is

WandaVision on Disney+ starts as a pastiche of classic sitcoms like Bewitched and The Dick Van Dyke Show, but things are clearly not as they seem. In the second episode, Wanda (played by Elizabeth Olsen) hears a strange banging which she eventually goes to investigate after ignoring it the whole episode. In the street, she sees a man in a beekeeper's outfit (Zac Henry) emerge out of a manhole cover.

Of course, mysterious bee men coming out of sewers is not something that usually happens in golden age sitcoms, but Marvel has not revealed any details of who this character is. This, however, has left fans to provide plenty of theories about why this character has entered the weird world that Wanda and Vision (Paul Bettany) find themselves in.

All the theories about the WandaVision bee man

wandavision bee man
Zac Henry as the mysterious 'bee man' from 'WandaVision.' Disney+


The reference to bees has made some fans think about Swarm, a minor Marvel villain who they think is making their MCU debut. In the comics, Fritz von Meyer was one of Adolf Hitler's top scientists, who was experimenting with mutant killer bees. Of typical comic book style, however, they ended up eating his body, leading his consciousness to be absorbed into the swarm.

Though a character made of mutant killer bees might be a little silly for the slightly more grounded MCU, this could be a new take on the character. After all, the character has links to the MCU's Nazi surrogate Hydra, who was also teased to have something to do with whatever's going on in Episode 2 when their logo appeared on a watch in one of the fake adverts on the show.


Though we do not know where WandaVision is going, clearly reality is being shifted in some way for Wanda and Vision. This could mean that the beekeeper's outfit has also been shifted to more fit into this world, and in fact, is some sort of spacesuit that has allowed someone to enter this reality.

This would link to SWORD, the Marvel organization whose logo briefly appeared at the end of Episode 1. Sentient World Observation and Response Department in the comics is an organization set up to monitor extraterrestrial threats. This organization was hinted at during the finale of Agents of SHIELD, where some of the agents hinted they were setting it up. According to this theory, the bee man could be a space-suited SWORD agent—though what his link to Wanda and Vision is, remains unclear.

Part of this theory was confirmed by a teaser trailer for WandaVision, in which we see the back of the beekeeper's outfit, which features the SWORD logo.

wandavision sword
'WandaVision' Episode 1 featured a logo for the Marvel organisation SWORD. Disney+


Another theory has it that the beekeeper suit is a reality-shifted version not of a SWORD space suit but of the characteristic uniforms of Advanced Idea Mechanics, an evil think tank whose aim is to gain power through technology.

In the comics, they were known for their yellow outfits with helmets that many have compared over the years to beekeeper costumes. In the second teaser trailer, we briefly see a color version of the outfit, and it has a yellow stripe at the brim of the helmet, a possible reference to this nefarious organization.


Another theory of who the bee man is is based on the fact that he seems to have insects buzzing around him. Most likely these are bees to fit the look, but some have wondered whether they are flies. If such, this may be a reference to classic Marvel villain Mephisto, a demon-like villain who heads up a hell-like dimension and is known for his association with flies.


Before the man in the bee suit was revealed to be regular Marvel stuntman Zac Henry, a number of viewers thought that he was being played by Tim Blake Nelson, the Watchmen actor who appeared as a villain in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk.

This seems to have been debunked now that we know who is really wearing the suit, but it is still technically possible that the stuntman was simply there as a stand-in to Nelson, who will appear later in the season.

WandaVision airs Fridays on Disney+.