What is the Darkhold? That Book in 'WandaVision' Episode 9 Explained

The final episode of Disney+ and Marvel Studios' WandaVision is available to watch now, but if you've finished the series, you may be wondering what the Darkhold actually is.

Of course, the Darkhold has appeared in WandaVision since Episode 8, but Agatha Harkness actually says its name for the first time in the season finale. Fans of the Marvel Comics may recall that name and its significance, especially in regards to the Scarlet Witch.

But for those that are not familiar with the Darkhold, we're here to explain what it is and its significance to Wanda and the possible future of the MCU.

SPOILER ALERT! The following may spoil the events of the final episode of WandaVision.

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During the final battle between Wanda and Agatha, Harkness explains that the Scarlet Witch is an entity that has been prophesied in the pages of the Darkhold. She makes the dark book appear, the same one found in Agatha's basement, and says that there are chapters dedicated to Wanda's existence.

While Agatha doesn't dive deep into what this artifact is, we see in the second post-credits scene that Wanda is reading it.

So, what is the Darkhold and what does it mean for Wanda's future?

The Darkhold has a very convoluted history in the comics, so we'll try to pick out the most important bits. The book was created by Chthon, an elder god of evil and chaos that we talked about in explaining Wanda's Chaos Magic.

In the far past, elder gods roamed the Earth with Chthon being one of the worst of them all. Gaea, one of the good elder gods, gave birth to a God Eater who destroyed many of the elder gods. Chthon fled to another dimension to avoid being eaten where he stood.

However, Chthon created the Darkhold which held a lot of spells that used his power. Those who read the book and don't have enough power to wield the spells or hold back Chthon's influence would be controlled by him.

Chthon's aim is to bring himself back to Earth's dimension and he almost succeeds thanks to Morgan Le Fay. Yes, the Morgan Le Fay from the King Arthur stories.

Le Fay and her followers use the Darkhold to try and accomplish their goals but unwittingly unleash Chthon. Morgan Le Fay and the rest of the magic users of the time, such as Merlin, use their combined strength to seal Chthon into Wundagore Mountain, located somewhere in Eastern Europe.

In the comics, this is where Magneto's wife gives birth to both Wanda and Pietro. Sensing the power Wanda will possess in the future, Chthon "touches" the baby and gives a portion of his chaos magic to the future Avenger in hopes that he can use the Scarlet Witch to somehow come back to this dimension.

Chthon has used Wanda in the comics to meet his needs, including possessing her at one point, but has never been able to cross into our dimension.

Now that Wanda has a hold of the Darkhold and is learning to use her powers, will we see Chthon be a new player in the MCU moving forward? Wanda is scheduled to be in the cast of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness so Chthon may be explored further in that film.

This is also pure speculation, but Wanda hearing her twins' voices in the post-credits scene could mean that they are still alive in another dimension. Perhaps in the same one where Chthon resides.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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