Want to Feel Full? Eating Two Burgers Is Better For Your Health Than Ordering Fries

A Big Mac and fry order in London. One dietitian urges people to skip the fries for a second burger. BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

You wouldn't expect a registered dietitian to advocate for eating multiple hamburgers in a day, let alone a single meal, but Emily Field advises to do exactly that in a recent Business Insider story.

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It's surprising for sure, but the reasoning makes sense. Most people will order a side of fries with their burger as the sandwich alone may not be enough. However, an order of fries adds a hefty number of calories without delivering nutrients to help keep you full and regulate blood sugar. The additional burger will tack on roughly the same amount of calories, but with much more protein.

A regular hamburger from McDonald's, for example, has 250 calories, 8 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein. A small order of French fries has 230 calories, 11 grams of fat but only 3 grams of protein.

As Business Insider reports, Field believes this approach is healthier because it balances, fat, carbohydrates and protein, the three building blocks of every food item, rather than just ingesting empty calories.

The two-burger-no-fries benefit comes down to the additional protein. Carbohydrates provide most of the energy that fuels our daily activities and allows us to go for that jog. But choosing simple carbs, like fried white potatoes, don't do a lot for you nutritionally. Proteins, which seem to be a bodybuilder's best friend, is often recommended by fitness enthusiast following some heavy lifting because they repair and build tissue.They're also important to our overall wellness, helping to ward off infections and keep us satiated throughout the day.

Dr. Michelle Hauser, chef and nutrition educator explained in a post on the Harvard Health blog, that this is why low-carb diets are so successful in weight loss. "Protein takes more energy for you to digest than refined carbohydrates, and also gives your body a feeling of satiety," said Hauser.

A burger and fries at McDonald's. Eating additional protein in a second burger could keep you fuller for longer. Scott Olson/Getty Images

Although fats tend to get a bad reputation, our bodies need some to work properly. According to LiveScience, they protect our organs and help proteins work properly. And they help keep us full, too.

By choosing a second burger, you're essentially making the most of your calories as the burger and protein will provide more nutrition and likely extend the amount of time that you'll need to eat again.

While many dietitians likely wouldn't say that American diets lack protein, getting enough has been shown to keep weight down. A study from 2013 showed that in a two-year period, 43 percent of the women participants, who were between 40 and 60 years old, lost weight from consciously eating more protein.

Admittedly it's hard to skip the fries. After all, we've been trained to eat spuds with our burger as a standard match made in heaven. But Field believes people will be swayed after implementing her technique. "Try it out and see how you feel," she said.