'Warframe' Amazon Prime Day Bundle: How to Unlock Everything That's Free

Warframe fans looking to spice up their landing craft can finally unlock the Amazon Prime Day bundle. To celebrate Amazon's favorite holiday, Digital Extremes is giving away the Spektaka skin for your Liset ship along with a brand new color palette. The bundle can officially be obtained starting today until August 11. All you need to do is have Amazon Prime and link your Warframe account to your Twitch account.

How To Link Warframe and Twitch Accounts

spektaka liset skin
Spektaka Liset is now free for Amazon Prime users Twitch

Log into the Warframe website and then head over to this page where you can link accounts. Since there's no option for cross play, you'll have to log into your Xbox or PS4 account to make sure you that you actually get all the goodies. If you have multiple Warframe accounts, you'll only be able to unlock the Twitch Prime bundle on one. Next time you log into the game, a prompt should appear telling you that you've acquired new loot.

If this is your first time linking Twitch to Warframe, you can also unlock the Trinity Prime Warframe absolutely free. If you're looking for a healer to round out your army of mech suits, she's an amazing asset to your team. After linking, head over to the Twitch Prime page and click the "Claim Offer" button underneath the image. You'll also get a regal cape, letting you show off your frame in style.

Warframe Free Gifts In Amazon Prime Day Bundle

The Trinity Prime and Spetaka Liset ship aren't the only free goodies you can unlock in Warframe .Entering center codes at the marketplace on your ship will give you access to weapons, icons and cosmetics. For example, typing "FREESWORD" will give you a Heat Sword. If you have the blade unlocked, you'll get one with a Catalyst already attached and an extra weapon slot. Typing "OLDFRIEND" will get you a tea set you can put on your ship and a 3-day Affinity booster.

All the codes have to be typed in capital letters or else they will not work.

You can also unlock icons, known as Glyphs, using codes. There are ones for streamers, conventions and even reddit. Here's a list of a few of my favorites that still work. The Steam forums are constantly updating with new codes.