'Warframe' Devstream 123 Recap: Hildryn, Wisp, Railjack and Melee Rework 3.0

The Warframe developers just finished their Dev Stream 123, showing off some new Warframes, items and alerts coming to the game. There's Wisp and her flowing cloth, three new Alert events and the reveal of Hildryn's abilities. There was even our first real look at Railjack, the Warframe update that lets you fly around in your own spaceship.

Here's the full breakdown of everything revealed in Dev Stream with 123:

Celebrating Six Years of Warframe- To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Warframe there are new alerts, where you can earn relics for Saryn Prime (Warframe), Spira Prime and Nikana Prime (Weapons). There's the War on Grineer on February 15, War on Corpus on February 22, and the War on Infested March 1.

Weapon Switching- will feel better when you aren't the main host.

Deluxe Skins- More cosmetic deluxe skins coming for Warframes Atlas and Nyx. Atlas is made of rocks and has his own custom golem.

warframe wisp hildryn railjack dojo melee rework
Wisp from Warframe dev stream 123 Twitch via Digital Extremes

Wisp- Wisp is the Warframe coming after Hildryn. Still very early in development, her in-game model is full of flowing bandages and there is still work being done on her cloth. She has no feet and a custom sprint animation, a very unique option that most Warframes do not get

warframe Hildryn
The newest Warframe, Hildryn Twitch via Digital Extremes

Hildryn - This Warframe is all about shields. She has no energy pool and instead pulls resources from her shields. When picking up energy orbs, she gains back energy and her shields immediately start charging. She's all about switching weapons while dealing and taking massive damage.

Here is Hildryn's full kit:

Passive- Shield gating, lets her use shields as energy

Balefire - A launcher that shoots energy fire rockets, which can be charged up. The ability equips like a weapon and can be modded separately.

Shield Pillage - a radius beam that comes out and then back into her. It's player controlled and rids status effects when the beam passes through her or her allies.

Haven - Toggled ability where enemies take damage based on shield drain. It recharges shields and gives allies shields, turning everyone into a tank.

Aegis Storm - Her ultimate ability transforms her into a helicopter, allowing her to fly through the air. You can use all your other powers in this mode and cast the ability again to crash in the ground. Shield Pillage-sapped enemies will raise off the ground, immobilizing them. The higher up you go, the more enemies you can hover into the air.

Hildryn warframe aegis storm
Become an attack helicopter with Hildryn Twitch via Digital extremes

Railjack- Players can customize and maintain their Railjack ships in a specific room in the Dojo. You'll need to have a clan to work on and own a Railjack.

warframe railjack clan dojo
The Railjack ship in your Clan's Dojo Twitch via Digital Extremes

Ephemera- New attachments that can only be earned by completing certain missions. They gave your Warframe an aura, like dripping blood or smoke. There are also options that leave electricity trails, grass or fire, in your footsteps.

Remastering Door Traps - Blue lasers that sap your energy will be in door frames. If you get through all of them you get a gameplay boost. These are just on Alert doors alongside a new Corpus tile set. New mods will be available only on this remaster.

Melee Rework 3.0- Getting rolled out in phases, hope they ship it next week on PC, mods are unaffected and animations, instance switching and slams will be easier, once you press the weapon button it will be instantly equipped and when you press your weapon fire it will immediately switch back to your gun Daggers, heavy swords