‘Warframe’ Fortuna Update Patch Notes: Travel to Venus, Grind on Your K-Drive

UPDATE: Fortuna is now live!

Fortuna, the latest update to Warframe is finally dropping on PC. The latest release allows users to explore the wild frozen world of Fortuna, skate around on a K-Drive and control the brand new Garuda Warframe. It’s the biggest update that the game has ever had and fans have been eagerly waiting for for months. The update will only launch on PC today, console players will need to wait for the official launch.

40,000 people are watching Warframe game director Steve Sinclair on Twitch frantically get ready for the update to go live. On the stream, he mentioned that the Fortuna update will include 16 minutes of brand new, original music. Certain NPCs will start to whistle brand new tunes when you approach them, bringing a whole new level of depth to this dystopian offworld.

Watching thousands of people scream in chat seeing the new weapons and Warframes is what Twitch was made for. Fans eagerly waiting for the update while a developer talks to them on stream is a surreal experience for someone born in a time when developer interviews were only in gaming magazines.

How to Download Warframe Fortuna Update

When the update is live, head over to the Steam page for Warframe and update as soon as possible. The game should update on it’s own, but for those fans that need just a little more time on Venus, this is the best way to do it.

When the Warframe Fortuna update is live, Newsweek will update this post with the patch notes. Here are the patch notes straight from Digital Extremes. Highlights include the new Fortuna zone, new mods and Solaris United. 

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