'Warframe' Hotfix 23.8.2 Patch Notes: Limits on Rivens, New Color Palette and More

Warframe released a quick patch this morning that adds a new color pallette and a limit to trading Rivens. Hotfix 23.8.2 is now live on PC and though it's not a big one, it's not the size that counts. I'm still trying to understand the world of Rivens, the rare Mods that are more valuable to Warframe players than actual sunlight or air. Now, new players who might not understand their power can't trade for them.

Here's a list of colors for each Warframe from reddit user ColdCremator.

warframe colors
The Color Palette II Reddit

Here are the Waframe patch notes from the forum:

Operation: Plague Star is back on PC

The infested boil that threatened the Plains is back, uglier and more putrid than before. Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil at the meteorite crash site, but he refuses to help. Steal his toxin and destroy the boil before the Infested make their way to Cetus.


The Tenno II Color Palette is now available in the Market!

A new Clan Role of Herald has been added! This Role is to solely allow a member to edit the MOTD. Previously only the Role of Ruler could change the MOTD (which they still can).


A Mastery Rank of 8+ is now required to Trade Rivens. This echoes the minimum possible Mastery Rank requirement of Rivens overall as well as generally follows our trading rules with restricted gear.

Upon successfully entering your 2FA login information you will now be auto-logged into Warframe, instead of having to retype your password again!

Previously you had to enter your login info TWICE when logging in with 2FA. We simply removed the unnecessary 2nd login info requirement after successfully entering your 2FA information.


Fixed a performance hitch that would occur when using Danse Macabre on some tile sets.

Fixed Nezha's Blazing Chakram having a Critical Multiplier of 0.

Fixed ability to bypass the Plains boundaries by teleporting with Nezha's Blazing Chakram.

Fixed Nezha's Blazing Chakram being blocked by Gara's Mass Vitrify or Ember's Fire Blast abilities.

Fixed Operators inability to use Void Blast or Guardian Shell while sprinting when Guardian

Shell is active.

Fixed Exodia Valor applying to Excalibur's Exalted Blade.

Fixed spending Focus before using Focus Conversion resetting your total Focus (UI error only).

Fixed Large Shard quantities sometimes producing an error message saying that a connection cannot be made to the Focus Tree. The Shards disappear (but not consumed) but the Focus is not awarded.

Fixed Rushing a Dojo Decoration completion temporarily setting the Synthetic Clan XP to a lower amount.

Fixed inability to switch Matchmaking options upon returning to the Orbiter after a mission.

Fixed not being able to use certain actions (e.g. Reviving Allies, hacking consoles) shortly after transferring to/from your Operator.

Fixed Helios' Simaris Skin indicating it is for an item which you do not own if you only own Helios Prime.

Fixed having a negative Mod capacity as a result of equipping an unranked Mod on a weapon that is close to max Mod capacity then switching to the Modding station and ranking a differentunranked version of the Mod (not the one equipped on the weapon).

Fixed Chat links for Rivens, Mandachord songs, Zaws, and Amps potentially being broken if profanity filter is enabled.

Fixed Archwing Arsenal Abilities screen showing an unnecessary 'Passive' section.

Fixed very small squares remaining in the Map UI areas where Mask of the Revenant questtook place when returning to the Plains.

Fixed volume discrepancies of the Grineer Dropship during Vor's Prize.

Fixed a script error when casting Nezha's Divine Spears ability.

Fixed a script error when using a Glaive or Glaive type ability (Nezha's Blazing Chakram).

Conclave Fixes:

Fixed Glaive FX sometimes being unnecessarily duplicated in Conclave.