Warframe’ Update 23.8.0 Brings Nezha Rework, Revenant Changes

Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8 has finally hit Warframe . There’s a rework for the Nezha, changes to the Revenant, Dojo  and tons of bug fixes. It’s a huge, meaty patch that will give players who like to run around with feet on fire plenty to do. The patch is really long and worth a full read if you want to know the details. You can find it on the Warframe forums, but here’s what you should know.

Nezha Update

Nezha has felt like a useless Warframe for awhile now. It’s kit didn’t allow it to do its job, mainly feeling fast and tanking damage. With these changes, Digital Extremes is hoping to turn players into speed demons who like to throw around a glaive.

Increased max rank health from 225 to 375

Decreased max rank shields from 225 to 150


Changed from a channeling ability to duration-based.

Why? As a channeled ability, keeping Firewalker active would block all energy regeneration. Making the ability a single cast with a long moddable duration solves that problem, encouraging more frequent use.

Cast animation changed to a small hop that doesn’t restrict movement.


Cast animation has been sped up, and no longer restricts movement.

Enemies hit by the disc are “marked” for a moddable duration, greatly increasing the damage they take from all sources.

Marked enemies have a chance to drop energy orbs.

Why? Adds great team value to Nezha’s kit - increasing damage taken helps all allies, and energy orb drops enable frequent recasting.

Killing enemies while they are marked will now produce healing orbs, instead of the current healing pulse.

Why? The current radial heal is invisible and very small, usually only benefitting players in melee range - most players don’t even know it’s there! Health orbs make the result more visible, while introducing other mod synergies.

Increased the number of targets the disc will try to hit before recalling, and improved some cases of faulty lock-on targeting. Added a charged throw, causing the Chakram to fly straight forwards and backwards, dealing extra damage to enemies in its path.

Why? For a consistent flight path unaffected by lock-on targeting, use the new charged throw. Great for hallways!

Teleporting will no longer cancel Fire Walker.


Warding Halo UI Element

HUD now shows a custom counter, indicating how much damage absorption is left, instead of a simple numeric percentage

Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken. Will still block status effects and other procs.

Why? When considering Nezha’s revamped kit, he is excellent at mitigating enemy damage- Firewalker and Divine Spears offer great area/crowd control, Blazing Chakram offers healing and self-sustain, and his outstanding movement can make the player a hard target to hit. In this context, Warding Halo’s 100 percent damage resistance was completely overshadowing his other options - why heal or CC when I never take any damage?

With 90 percent damage resistance, Nezha is still very capable of tanking, but encouraged to rely on his other tools to avoid getting overwhelmed. Taking minimal health damage allows for synergy with Blazing Chakram’s health orbs, not to mention new modding avenues like Equilibrium, Health Conversion and various Arcanes. The change also allows us to improve survivability in other ways, such as the increased health pool, and major Warding Halo quality-of-life buffs listed below.

Damage absorption invulnerability phase now begins as soon as you cast the ability.

Cast animation also sped up.

Increased incoming damage multiplier during invulnerability.

Damage absorption multiplier also now scales with power strength.

When the health of the Warding Halo runs out, it will do an AoE heat status effect and give you a short period of invulnerability.

Why? This gives the player precious time to react, helping survivability while controlling the enemies immediately around you. Your next Warding Halo can be recast during this window to ensure you’re always protected!


Sped up the casting/slamming animations, while removing the mandatory slam at the end of the Spears’ duration. (slam can still be triggered manually) Hitting a speared enemy with Blazing Chakram produces a second Chakram, which fires at a nearby enemy.

On top of all that, Nezha’s sounds have been remastered, adding new auditory cues for important moments, like Blazing Chakrams returning to the player, or Warding Halos running out of health!

Slight improvements to Blazing Chakram’s enemy tracking.

Players will receive a HUD icon indicating the Health of a Safeguard Halo they received from Nezha.