'Warframe' TennoCon 2019 Reveals:New Cinematic, Empyrean Ships and More

Digital Extremes has just unveiled a myriad of new content for Warframe, including a brand-new cinematic. Players in attendance at TennoCon in London, Ontario and those watching online on Twitch were treated to an hour-long presentation that included Wukong Prime, Nighwave Series 2 and our first real look at Empyrean.

Here's everything that was unveiled at TennoCon 2019.

warframe empyrean ship tennocon
Piloting a Railjack Digital Extremes

TennoCon Empyrean

A 30-minute presentation gave players their first real look at the renamed Railjack revealed last year, Empyrean. Players and their clainmates will be able to steer giant hulking ships through the Origin system of space, fighting other player ships and exploring the galaxy. The new Squad Link feature will allow you to ask for assistance from other players and their ships to take down enemies. If there's a team fishing on the Plains of Eidolon, they can answer your call and help you out. If nobody answers your call, the mission is still finishable but will be way harder.

Ships can be outfitted in the Drydock, where you can upgrade and equip everything from the craft's weapons to its colors. The Railjack you fight in comes from the player who started the team and mission.

If your Railjack dies while trying to complete the mission, you will just get a game over. The developers tinkered with the idea of having your Warframe just float through space, but the team decided against it.

Cephalon Cy, your ship's new AI, barks orders as you and two other clanmates complete new missions. There's a new Grinner villain; a Kuva Lich who's become addicted to the dangerous liquid. He's your arch enemy and each time you take him down, he gets stronger and gains powers depending on which Warframe you used to take him down. His dialogue is affected by the damage type he's taken down with, giving players even more Warframe customizability.

For those craving the authentic interstellar pirate experience, the Empyrean expansion will allow you to get shot out of your ship into the deep recesses of space. You'll be equipped with an Archwing, which allows your Warframe to travel through the cosmos without a ship. Archwings can board enemy craft, allowing you to take control of the vessel and pilot it yourself. (It's like Sea of Thieves, but with robot space ninjas.)

Warframe Remade Intros and Cinematic

In late 2019 and early 2020, a new introduction cutscene will be added into Warframe. Starring the three starter Warframes—Excalibur, Mag and Volt—this cinematic will give players a better understanding of the story of the free-to-play shooter.

An eye-catching new trailer directed by Dan Trachtenberg showed off what happened to the Orokin and Warframe. These ancient scientists created the suits of armor for protection, but the Warframe rebelled. This is the first real cinematic Warframe has had, and it was well worth the wait. The trailer features a Tenno child walking through a swamp as she calls on the ancient warrior suits to help her defeat the Grineer, as they've done in years past.

Duviri Paradox / The New War

Following Fortuna and the Plains of Eidolon, the next Warframe update is the Duviri Paradox. The teaser showed off a new open world where Operators, the young pilots of Warframes, have apparently grown up.

Saturday's panel also featured a trailer for the last story mission, The New War. For those who have completed all of the previous missions (which can take hundreds of hours to do) there's now new content for you to churn through.

Which of these new additions to Warframe are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.