Was Obama Checking Out This Girl's Butt?

You may have seen this rather misleading photo doing the rounds this morning. The photo appears to depict President Obama checking out the rear of 16-year-old Brazilian girl Mayora Taveres. We admit that the shot is incriminating, but the real story is far less titillating. If you watch the full video you'll see that Obama was in the midst of an entirely gentlemanly maneuver—he's about to offer his hand to the girl in the floral skirt and black top behind him to help her step down to his level. So, despite the unfortunate timing of this shot, Obama is innocent. Not only that, Obama is proving again that chivalry is not dead. (Rememer how he recently whisked his wife off to New York and Paris for dates?) French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the other hand—well, we'll leave it up to you to determine what he's looking at.