'Wash Your Clothes After Thrifting': Rat Runs Through Donation Bins at Goodwill in Viral Video

A now-viral TikTok video showed a rat scurry across clothing in donation bins at a Goodwill in Austin, Texas. The video, posted by user @avenue.eleven, has amassed more than 3.1 million views since it was first posted on Thursday.

In the video, a rat jumped from one large blue donation bin into another as an employee attempted to catch it in a large bag.

"Go to the Goodwill bins they said," the text on the video read. "It'll be fun they said."

The rat continued to run through other donation bins as customers began squealing at the rodent. At that point, another person, presumably a customer, tried to grab for the rat with their hands as it jumped over articles of clothing in the bins.

The employee followed behind with the large bag as the woman attempted to catch the rat with a piece of clothing from the bin, but both were unsuccessful. In the background, people could be heard laughing and screaming about the rodent.

The woman then grabbed an arm full of clothing with the rat inside and attempted to pack it all inside a reusable shopping bag. Eventually, the woman said she had the rat within the pile of clothes in her hand and then the video ended.

According to @avenue.eleven, the rat was captured and safely released back into the woods.

More than 1,900 people commented on the video that this was one of the reasons they washed their thrifted clothing before wearing them.

"And this is why you wash your clothes after thrifting," one user said.

But others were quick to reply that all clothes should be washed before wearing regardless of if they were thrifted or not.

"You never know who tried it on," one person mentioned.

Some also said that you never know if a clothing item was worn and then returned, even if it was bought new.

Others in the comments wanted to know the location of the Goodwill so they could make sure they didn't shop there. But many replied saying the location didn't matter because rats are in bins more often than you'd think.

"Lol dude they're all like this!" one user replied. "We have 3 in my area and everyone I've gone to I've seen a rat."

Rat in Container
A viral TikTok showed the moment a rat was found scurrying through donation bins at a Goodwill in Austin, Texas. Many users commented that people should always wash clothes they've thrifted for this reason. Harold M. Lambert/Getty Images

But apparently it's not just the rats customers should be on the lookout for. Back in 2018, workers at a Goodwill in Fort Worth, Texas, were shocked when a 6-year-old boa constrictor was found in a donation bin.

The snake, named Toki, was quickly returned to its owner, who said the snake had gone missing from his home more than four months prior. The owner said he donated a few items to Goodwill including two couches and some clothing items.

The working theory was that Toki was hiding in one of the couches or some of the clothing to keep warm and made his grand escape into the Fort Worth Goodwill.