Viral Video Shows Councilwoman Crying After Husband Fired for Confronting Journalist

A viral video shows Yacolt, Washington councilwoman Michelle Dawson emotional after learning that her husband Jeremy Dawson was fired from his job as a foreman after a video of him physically confronting a reporter in Washington D.C. went viral.

Dawson spoke about her being upset about her husband's firing in a since-deleted Facebook video, where she does identify herself as a councilwoman. A viral video from the meme account Jared Pushner spliced clips of Michelle Dawson crying and Jeremy Dawson confronting a reporter, whose name on Twitter is Laura Jedeed, inviting users to "be the judge" for themselves.

Councilwoman Michelle Dawson is very upset that her husband Jeremy was fired from his job. She blames it on Antifa. You be the judge.

— Jared Pushner (@JaredPushner) November 22, 2020

Dawson confirms that it is her husband in the video by naming Jedeed as the reporter who shared it and spoke to him in a long 17-minute Facebook live video.

She pointed the blame at both Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement for her husband getting fired, not really acknowledging her husband's actions in the video. "The video that was made is probably not my husband's best moment, but between Antifa and BLM murdering J and all the other bulls**t we have to put up with, I feel what he did-I'm not gonna say is not okay-s**t happens," she said in her livestream.

She claims that she has friends that have been doxxed and accused Antifa of doing the same to her and her husband. "Never did I think that Jeremy and I would be the victim of Antifa," she said.

"The company that Jeremy worked 6 years for and worked his a** off for, bent their knee to terrorists yesterday and fired him," she said tearfully at one point in the video.

"The world needs to see what happens when Antifa destroys your life. The world needs to see why we cover our faces when we're out there. The world needs to see how demonic these little f**kers are," she also said.

Towards the end of the video, Dawson says she's so worked up that she doesn't even want to leave her car. She also said that she doesn't care if anyone identifies her as a councilwoman. "I'm just kind of done at this point," she said.

After the video began to spread, Dawson appeared to delete her entire Facebook profile.

The Yacolt town website indicates that Dawson's term will end in 2021.

Jedeed shared the video of Jeremy Dawson on November 15. She was covering the MAGA Million March that protested President Donald Trump losing the election.

In the original video, a female protester shouts, "This is Portland Antifa press right here," and a man identified as Dawson approaches.

None of these people seem to be aware that Antifa is an idea and not an organization nor does it have journalists.

"What's up, b***h. How ya doing?" Dawson says as the reporter says that he stepped on her foot. He continually calls her "maggot-a**" and "bitch." The reporter asks him not to touch her. "Don't video me," he says.

Dawson then seemingly threatens the reporter. "I can't wait to see you in f**king lobby again," he tells her. When the reporter asks what he means by the statement, he does not elaborate.

Jedeed shared a lengthy video of far-right protesters, including Dawson surrounding her on YouTube. When she tells him to stop touching him, he responds by mocking her. "What're you gonna do?" he screams, and then accuses Jedeed of being on drugs.

In a November 17 tweet, Jedeed seemed to address the incident, explaining that by filming Dawson she was not doxxing him and that the events could have been "easily avoided by not threatening or harrassing [sic] people on film."

If you approach someone filming and threaten them on camera, and then they publishes the video, and then someone else figures out who you are, you have fallen victim not to doxxing but to a predictable chain of events easily avoided by not threatening or harrassing people on film

— Laura Jedeed (Misanthrophile) (@LauraJedeed) November 17, 2020

Dawson did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment in time for publication.

Members of Antifa and Proud Boys clash in the middle of the street following the "Million MAGA March" on November 14, 2020 in Washington, DC. Various pro-Trump groups gathered in DC today for the "Million MAGA March" to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election. Samuel Corum/Getty