WATCH: Antonio Brown Cited for Speeding 100 mph Less than 24 Hours Before Steelers' Thursday Night Game

Pittsburgh Steelers wide reciver Antonio Brown was reportedly cited for speeding less than 24 hours before his team's "Thursday Night Football" matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

According to WPXI in Pittsburgh, Brown was stopped by police after driving more than 100 miles per hour southbound on McKnight Road and was cited for reckless driving. The news station released a video of the incident, which shows the wide receiver's black Porsche being chased down by a police car.

According to the report, the officer was in the area pursuing a potential bank robbery suspect when Brown's Porsche was spotted driving by. The officer pulled over the vehicle and realized it was the Steelers receiver.

The area north of Pittsburgh is reportedly notorious for speeding and has been considered a "problem roadway" in Ross Township and was the target of PennDOT funding for targeting speeding in 2015.

Brown has had a tumultuous season both on and off the field in 2018. Last month, he faced a pair of lawsuits in Florida, the first alleging he threw objects from a balcony that nearly hit a man and his 22-year-old grandson. A second lawsuit filed by the landlord of the unit where the incident took place claims that Brown damaged the unit and never paid for damages.

The Pro Bowler was also vocal about the Steelers' early struggles following a 0-1-1 start in their first three games. Brown skipped the following Monday's practice after Pittsburgh lost 42-37 to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3.

"Personal reasons," Brown said, voice deep and low. "Obviously, the coach [Mike Tomlin] knew where I was at. We talked."

When asked if he'd expected to start the following week, Brown scoffed at reporters.

"Why wouldn't I be," Brown said. "You guys don't want to see me in my jersey."

He also seemed perturbed when asked if he missed former offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who was working with the Cleveland Browns at the time.

"You want me to give you another story," he said.

Brown also seemed to be annoyed by the team's early season injuries.

"What do you want me to say? You don't care about my problems man, you're probably glad I got them," Brown said. "What do you want me to tell you? You don't care about my problems, you just care about the winning."

The Steelers (5-2-1) will host the Carolina Panthers (6-2) at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh tonight.

The Steelers are currently first in the AFC North and fourth in the conference standings, trailing the Los Angeles Chargers by one game.

WATCH: Antonio Brown Cited for Speeding 100 mph Less than 24 Hours Before Steelers' Thursday Night Game | Sports