Watch: Barack Obama Dances to 'Thriller,' Sings 'Purple Rain' for Halloween

Barack Obama dances to Thriller
Barack and Michelle Obama dance to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson at the White House, Washington, October 31. YouTube

With just two months to go until they vacate the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama made their final Halloween a memorable one Monday night—by dancing to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, of course.

The result is the kind of on-the-spot awkward shuffling that one might more commonly refer to as "dad dancing." Michelle, on the other hand, seems to be very much a natural mover.

Watch below:

If that isn't proof enough that the outgoing commander-in-chief has loosened his proverbial tie in his final months as president, earlier in the day he sang a few notes from "Purple Rain" to a younh trick-or-treater dressed as Prince. Thankfully, his singing voice makes up for his dancing. Watch that clip above.