Watch: Brett Connolly Does Everything He Can to Make a Young Capitals Fan Happy

Players tossing pucks towards fans during the warmup is a long-standing NHL tradition, but few supporters have ever looked as happy about receiving some vulcanized rubber as one young Washington Capitals die-hard on Sunday night.

During the Capitals' pre-game routine ahead of Game Two of their first-round series against the Columbus Blue Jackets, TV cameras showed Washington forward Brett Connolly gesturing towards a young girl on the other side of the glass.

In the video, Connolly is clearly trying to give the puck to the girl, who looks no older than five, but can’t hand it to her directly as there are no holes in the glass.

As the puck flies over the glass, however, one of the two kids standing either side of the girl snatches it away from her, leaving the girl absolutely crestfallen.

Unperturbed, Connolly repeats the trick, only for a man who is presumably the father of the two kids standing beside the girl to grab the puck and hand it to the young boy who had missed out on it earlier on.

Despite yet another failed attempt, Connolly skates to get a third puck, tosses it over to the man behind the girl, who catches it and hands it over to her.

Unfortunately for the girl, however, the beaming smile on her face might have been wiped out later in the evening as Matt Calvert’s overtime goal condemned the Capitals to a 4-5 defeat on home ice, putting them 0-2 down in the series.

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