Watch: Brewers Re-Enact ‘The Sandlot’: ‘Heroes Get Remembered but Legends Never Die’

One of the most famous baseball movies of all time turns 25 next month, and the Milwaukee Brewers have paid tribute to it.

GettyImages-855254936 Eric Sogard in action last season against the Cincinnati Reds. The second baseman plays Squints in the scene. Getty Images

The Sandlot was released on April 7, 1993, and became a classic with fans, due to a combination of comedy, kids playing baseball in their local park and references to some of the sport’s most famous moments.

According to, a number of Brewers players opted to re-enact their favorite scene from the film in homage and the Brewers’ official Twitter account shared the video on Sunday night.

In the two-and-a-half minute scene, each of the nine players involved—Christian Yelich, Brett Phillips, Stephen Vogt, Eric Sogard, Hernan Perez, Jeremy Jeffress, Josh Hader, Chase Anderson and Jett Bany—plays a character from the movie.

Phillips plays Scotty Smalls, whose first visit to the sandlot in the movie ends in humiliation, when his peers laughed him off the pitch after it becomes apparent he can't play baseball.

Yelich, meanwhile, plays Benny "The Jet Rodriguez", the captain of the side Smalls hopes to join and who teaches the latter the rudimentary of baseball to help his quest for a spot in the team.

To make the re-enactment even more credible, the nine players were dressed as the characters in the movie and the scene also featured a cameo from Hank the dog as “The Beast”.

However, while in the movie “The Beast” is a menacing English mastiff, Hank is a part-Bichon Frise mixed-breed.

Fans were quick to praise the clip, with some admitting they were left stunned by the accuracy of the cast selection.

Some suggested the Brewers had thrown down the gauntlet for their MLB rivals and urged other franchises to consider a brief Hollywood foray.

Here is the complete cast.

Christian Yelich as Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez

Brett Phillips as Scotty Smalls

Stephen Vogt as Hamilton Porter

Eric Sogard as Squints

Hernan Perez as Yeah-Yeah

Jeremy Jeffress as Kenny Denunez

Josh Hader as Bertram Grover Weeks

Chase Anderson as Repeat

Jett Bandy as Timmy