Watch What Happens to Cat's 'Incredible' Eyes When Shown Her Favorite Toy

A video of a cat's pupils dilating at the sight of its favorite toy, going from cute to killer mode, has delighted the internet with over 6.5 million views.

In the footage, Luna the long-haired black cat can be seen in a close up shot of her face, her pupils in miosis, until she sees her favorite toy and her pupils dilate fully in what cat owners will recognize as "attack mode."

The text reads: "Watch her pupils as I hide and then show her favorite toy." One user commented: "target acquired, ready for launch."

Luna's owner, 23-year-old Naela Ibrahim, who is originally from Egypt but is studying in Germany, told Newsweek: "I adopted Luna in April 2022 from a family that didn't want to look after her any more, she was 9 months old at the time."

Naela and Luna the cat
Naela and Luna the cat Naela Ibrahim

Describing her as "the love of my life," Ibrahim explains: "Ever since I adopted her and I have had a newfound motivation to do better in my life so she can have an even better life and that means taking care of myself and doing well in university so I can be able to get a good job and provide her with absolutely anything she needs."

Cats are unpredictable creatures that many would agree you can never fully trust. One way of telling whether you're about to be attacked or not is by their pupils. According to Fetch pet insurance, "cats' pupils fluctuate in size and shape based on light and emotion. Usually, they're vertical and shaped like slits, which means they're content and relaxed. However, if a cat is excited and about to pounce, their pupils will become round and large."

It's generally accepted that cats are more mysterious that other animals, especially dogs, because their emotions are harder to read. There is, however, a growing belief that cats are as expressive as dogs, you just need to know how to read them.

"I know in my heart that she loves me as much as I love her. It's an incredible feeling," Ibrahim told Newsweek.

The Spruce Pets argues that "cats talk with their eyes" and if you want to understand them you need to pay attention to the things they focus their attention on.

"What cats say is often determined by the position of the eyelids and dilation of the eyes," it says. "The messages vary from subtle to overt and can be incredibly powerful. Kitty doesn't need to vocalize to get her message across, although the intent often is reinforced with tail talk, ear positions, and fluffed fur."

One way of bonding with your cat, according to The Spruce Pets, is to try "kitty kisses." They report that a relaxed and trusting cat with no worries will have dropping, sleepy looking eyelids. "Try sending a "kitty kiss" to your distant pet—meet her sleepy gaze with a relaxed gaze of your own, and slowly "blink." If she blinks back, you have been honored with the deepest affection!"

Users on TikTok loved the crazy cats eyes.

_c4llm3jb_ commented: "Eyes like this traumatized me, cause my cat runs at top speed with reckless abandon when she looks like this lol."

vee said: "Your cat has very beautiful eyes, cats are so incredible. :)"

aubrey wrote: "This is genuinely the cutest thing I have ever seen like I just shed a tear."

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Update, 03/10/23, 10:34 a.m. ET: This article was updated with comment from Naela Ibrahim.