WATCH: Derek Fisher Discusses Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan Incident Following Custody Ruling

Former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher discussed his now infamous love triangle with fiancée Gloria Govan and her ex-husband, former teammate Matt Barnes, on Thursday.

Fisher appeared on FOX Sports 1's "Fair Game with Kristine Leahy" and mentioned the incident in which Barnes attacked him after driving 95 miles to Los Angeles upon discovering his relationship with Govan.

Fisher said he never viewed the incident as breaking an unwritten basketball "code" and provided more details about the situation.

"I viewed it as Matt and I played together for one season," Fisher said. "It was five years prior to when Gloria and I started having a conversation, after we both had filed for divorce and had gone through the divorce process. I didn't view it as a code/unwritten code thing. I don't view life in that way. It either is or it isn't. People that work together -- I'm sure you're a great researcher and you have great researchers here -- there are probably other people that are in relationships now whose ex-spouses are people that used to work together in the same building or at the same law firm or at the same studio or whatever. I just think people, they got excited about it because it was something that maybe had not happened in the NBA (shrug) that we know of.

"Whether or not people had or have an issue with it, I'm at a place where that's not my concern anymore. I'm not concerned what people think of about who I'm dating, who I love, who I'm engaged to. That's not their life, that's mine. The same way I wouldn't judge anyone else, who they choose to be with in life, their sexual orientation, their religion. I don't base my decision on whether I like you because of the color of your skin or who you go out with. I can only decide that between a relationship with you or knowing you. So for people that have judged or criticized me or questioned my character or integrity based on something you read in the media that only one person is telling you happened, well that's your problem for judging me, that's not mine. So I'm good. I'm not hanging on to that as though that's why life has happened this way. I don't know what to tell people that still have an issue with it. I love who I love and that's my choice the same way we all have choices to decide who we want to be with and what kind of life we want to live.

Fisher also mentioned that he and Barnes currently have a "respectful" relationship for the sake of his fiancée's children.

"I would say we are respectful because I'm in his kids' life and he's in my kids' life," Fisher said. "The issue was never mine or Gloria's, it was more his. It's also important not to, like the role that I play in Gloria's children's lives, it does them no good and it does my children no good to come on TV and go back and forth about him or what he said about me or whether that's true or not and try to get into this tit for tat thing. I'm too grown for that and those kids don't deserve that."

Barnes was awared sole physical and legal custody of his and Govan's 10-year-old twin sons, Carter and Isaiah, in Los Angeles on Thursday, weeks after his ex-wife was arrested for alleged child endangerment, according to TMZ.

The former NBA forward also obtained an 18-month restraining order protecting him against Govan, although she's not barred from seeing her sons under the order.

Govan was ordered to complete 26 sessions of anger management and 10 parenting classes after Thursday's ruling.

Barnes shared a photo of himself on Instagram with his legal team after the judge's decision on Thursday featuring the caption, ""The DREAM TEAM!" He added, "Can't thank you guys enough #GodIsGood."

WATCH: Derek Fisher Discusses Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan Incident Following Custody Ruling | Sports