Watch: Did These Penguins Attempt a Zoo Escape?

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Odense Zoo in Denmark posted a video in which five penguins appear to be attempting an escape. zooodense/YouTube

A smattering of wet footprints provides the first clue. The camera follows the marks down a gray concrete hallway. Around one bend, five penguins appear, waddling along with their backs to the lens, wings extended behind them, creating a pitter-patter as they reach what seems to be a dead end. The black-and-white birds—with a flash of color near their mouths and on their feet—turn and run-waddle back in the opposite direction.

The video captured by a worker at Odense Zoo in Denmark—on what appears to have been a mobile phone camera—was posted on the zoo's YouTube page on November 10 with the title "Pingvinflugt," or "Penguin Escape," and by late Tuesday morning had garnered more than 930,000 views. The video had more than 100,000 views on the zoo's Facebook page.

"Perhaps our penguins have seen The Penguins of Madagascar too much," read the video's description, likely referring to the television show that premiered in 2008 or the 2014 film, both of which follow the exploits of four penguins—Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private. The show and movie are spin-offs of the popular Madagascar films.

The penguins did not comment on their motivations and whether the footage depicted an escape attempt or just an adventurous romp through the zoo grounds.

If their goal was indeed to make an escape, their attempt was foiled. But not all past penguin escape attempts have had the same outcome. In 2012, a Humboldt penguin at the Tokyo Sea Life Park broke free of its enclosure and spent a couple months in Tokyo Bay before it was recaptured.

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